Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Top BGMI Creators Mortal and Thug’s YouTube channels hacked; remain unrecovered even 24 hours after the attack; Scout Reacts

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In a shocking outcome, the official YouTube channels of the most popular icons from the Indian gaming industry were found hacked yesterday. Both the channel went through a major overhaul following the incident with the title as well as the past content of the channels being left removed. Even after 24 hours of the event, most content on the channel remains lost as it still displays the name “MicroStrategy US” on both channels. Mortal & Thug Hacked, Mortal, Scout, Thug, SouL, YouTube

The channels were also live-streaming a video titled, “Michael Saylor: Do Not Sell Anything! Bitcoin To hit $50K in July! Celsius Network and 3AC Update.” However, the video has now been deleted.

Mortal's channel hacked (Image via YouTube)
Mortal’s channel hacked (Image via YouTube)

It seems, even after repeated requests, YouTube hasn’t been able to deal with the issue. It’s not clear if the creators have received proper support for the pressing matter. While this is not the first time some popular creator has lost their access to their channel, Mortal being the Indian gaming space’s poster boy and Thug being an industry leader have made things worse.

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Reacting to the whole situation, Scout shared on his live stream that this unforeseen situation should have been dealt with by now. The BGMI competitive player reiterated the fact that considering Thug’s gravity in the industry and the role he plays, the account should have been recovered in a while. However, seems like the matter is complicated than it looks as the situation remains unsolved even after a day’s time.

Thug had posted a Tweet from his official handle asking everyone to reach out to YTcreators India and report the matter, hoping that mass reporting might bring the matter to the light and take critical action.

Naturally, the creators have no idea on what lead to their channel being hacked. It is to be noted that both Mortal and Thug are involved under one company, the co-founders of India’s gaming sensation – Team SouL. Both the channels are managed by the same group of people and it is likely that some malware in their internal system has lead to such results.

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Nevertheless, with the whole community’s whole support in the back, the accounts are likely to be recovered soon. 8bit Thug also tagged the Global Head of Gaming YouTube Creators, but as of now there are still no response from the YouTube officials.

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