Wednesday, May 25, 2022

League of Legends Wild Rift 2022: New things to expect in-game

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Alan Moore from the Wild Rift team addressed the new details that will be introduced into the game. There will be many features that will be transferred from the PC to Wild Rift. Moreover, there will be also new features made specifically for Wild Rift mobile this year like Season 2 of Guild vs Guild, Wild Rift Wild Passes, heroes, skins, and events. Here is an overview of what players can expect in-game. Wild Rift 2022, Wild Rift new updates, Wild Rift in-game changes, Wild Rift New Season, Wild Rift Season 22, League of Legends

Elemental Rift addition

Like the League of Legends PC, even Wild Rift will get an Elemental Rift soon. Currently, there are only four Dragons in-game. Players can expect the Dragon Soul now in-game. This will change soon as the developers are working with Elder Dragon and looking to introduce this behemoth into the game.

In each game, one element will become a major factor that will dominate the map. Each elemental rift will impact team fights, vision, and objective controls differently. If a team slays three dragons continuously in Elemental Rift, they will get a powerful buff called the Dragon Soul. Here are the different effects:

  • Infernal Dragon knocks down walls and burns away bushes. Taking it as the Dragon Soul will provide teams with a bonus where their auto-attacks and abilities will create explosions on impact.
  • Mountain Dragon creates new terrain in the jungle. Taking it as the Dragon Soul will provide teams with a bonus where they get a powerful shield.
  • Ocean Dragon spawns more bushes and extra honey fruits. Taking it as the Dragon Soul will provide teams with a bonus where they get extra healing from damaging enemies.
  • Cloud Dragon turns pathways into wind tunnels that increase champions’ movement speed. Taking it as the Dragon Soul will provide teams with a bonus where champions move even faster after casting their ultimate.
(Elder Dragon may come later this year in Wild Rift)
(Elder Dragon may come later this year in Wild Rift)

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New Upcoming Champions

In 2022, Sett will be the first champion that will be coming to Wild Rift. “The Boss” from the Ionian underworld will be a Top/Baron Lane fighter who excels in team fights. His crowd control and area of effect skills help in engaging or disengaging from team fights. Sett will be available in the next week or two.

Apart from this brawler, even Yuumi will join the Wild Rift champions roster. This cat is a notorious support champion as it is very easy to play. Its buff skills can make the ally ADC a nightmare for the enemy team to handle. She will be released in the next month with the Yuumi’s adventure event.

(New upcoming champion Yuumi)
(New upcoming champion Yuumi)

Will the release of new champions from the PC version into Wild Rift is going to slow down, players will get two new champions in patch 3.1. They will be Shen and Karma from the harmonious islands of Ionia.

Wild Pass and Guild vs Guild

Players who purchase have purchased the Wild Pass will get the Hexplorer Galio skin later this month. This will be the last Hexplorer skin in the game as the developers are working on a new thematic for the upcoming Wild Pass.

(Wild Rift Wild Pass)
(Wild Rift Wild Pass)

The guild feature in Wild Rift allows players to progress and get more rewards as they play together with their friends. It will return this year and the next season competition is set in Ionia.

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New Skins and Events

Wild Rift can take a different route from the League PC in 2022 during events or skin releases. This will help the developers to create brand new exclusive skins or either bring in classic skins from the PC version.

(Firecracker skins will be available in the Lunar New Year next month)

There will also be more Wild Rift events this year with less time in between each of them. The Firecracker skins which will be for the celebration of the Lunar New Year will be available after the end of January.

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