Friday, May 20, 2022

Know why Amouranth isn’t willing to join Twitch’s TV show meta

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Twitch’s “TV shows” meta is garnering a lot of attention and it has split streamers as well as viewers in two groups, one supporting it and the other not favoring the meta. Twitch queen Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has finally disclosed her take on this matter, and she is not quite inclined towards this new trend. Amouranth Twitch, Hot tub bath, ASMR, Twitch stream, Amouranth Ludgwig, Amouranth Twitch TV Shows

The popular creator Amouranth has earned a name for her and boasts the title of most-watched female creator of 2021 on Twitch. Although she receives a lot of hate online, that doesn’t stop her from having a crazy fanbase, with nearly 5 million followers on Twitch. The 28-year-old entrepreneur has used her earnings on Twitch and OF to make a series of huge investments, including buying a gas station, a 7-Eleven location and even investing $1M into Visa stock for a birthday gift to herself.

The playboy bunny had created a lot of buzz with her controversial hot tub meta and ASMR stream. Though she faced backlash for her content on the purple platform, it couldn’t stop people from tuning into Amouranth’s stream, and her increasing numbers proved the same.

Well, it appears, this new meta hasn’t been able to interest Amouranth to the extent where she would partake.

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Amouranth fears it’s risky to watch TV shows on Twitch

This has been seen gathering pace by the end of 2021, with popular stream xQc leading the meta. Other well-known streamers such as HasanAbi, Disguised Toast are also watching TV shows and broadcasting them live. Cooking shows like MasterChef and Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmare are quite popular among streamers.

Needless to say, people were eager to know why Amouranth was missing from Twitch’s currently trending “TV shows” meta. Amouranth stated the reason behind not joining in, when she was questioned by YouTuber Ludwig about the same. She replied, “You see, I feel like while people who have contracts with Twitch and stuff or favored heavily by Twitch can get away with that, it’s too risky for me to do it”. This surprised Ludwig who thought otherwise.

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This news may upset fans as they might have eagerly waited to see how Amouranth could have reacted to it differently. Well, who knows, she might be coming up with something more enjoyable and exciting for fans.

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