IPL 2021: With 2nd “false positive” Covid case in 3 weeks, BCCI’s testing method comes under the scanner

IPL 2021: With 2nd
IPL 2021: With 2nd "false positive" Covid case in 3 weeks, BCCI's testing method comes under the scanner
IPL 2021 – BCCI’s Covid-19 testing method under the scanner? First it was Nitish Rana, who hit the headline as the first IPL player to test “Covid positive” in IPL 2021 only to be later discovered as a “false positive” case and was given clearance by the KKR to join the team bubble. Now, Delhi Capitals’ Anrich Nortje has also been cleared as negative overruling the earlier test as “false positive,” clearly raising doubts over the veracity and accuracy of the test results.

“Our pace superstar is now out of quarantine. After a false-positive result for Covid 19, Anrich Nortje tested negative thrice and is now part of our team bubble. We can’t wait to see him in action,” Delhi Capitals tweeted to which Nortje said “It’s nice to be out of the room and see everyone at breakfast. Excited to get to training today,” in a video posted by the franchise.

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Insidesport.co spoke to Delhi Daredevils seeking clarity on the issue. “The first test was done a day after Nortje arrived in the city, he tested negative. The second test was done on the 5th day in which he tested positive. There were three more tests done that came negative. This makes it quite clear that the 2nd test was a false positive,” a Delhi Capitals source responded on the issue.  

IPL 2021: With 2nd “false positive” Covid case in 3 weeks, BCCI’s testing method comes under the scanner

If the franchisees are to be believed then this is clearly the 2nd case of false alarm or false positive case after Nitish Rana’s name emerged as first case for Covid positive in IPL 2021, which was later termed as a case of false alarm.

This brings us to the question of why cases of false alarm or false positive are coming up?

The BCCI seems to have no answer for this question as it clearly chose to duck the question. “How is the BCCI to be blamed for this? Sometimes reports may come wrong. The percentage is minimal. That can happen anywhere with anyone. That’s why we do more than one test. There are series of tests conducted periodically on all IPL players. I do not want to blame the agency. they are doing a good job,” a top BCCI official told Insidesport.co on the condition of anonymity.

The agency which has been hired by the BCCI to conduct the test reverted back with a typical answer: “We need to check with the testing team for more information.” While Insidesport.co is waiting to hear the update, IPL sources have raised some serious doubts over the veracity and accuracy of these tests and their results.

“It’s really puzzling sometimes. We need to be more careful with these results coming as false alarms,” the sources said.

Earlier, as many as 12 groundsmen had reportedly tested Covid positive which was later found out to only 3 as real ones. Similarly, the accuracy of reports on Broadcasting crew testing positive was also questioned with most found out to cases of false alarm.