MI vs CSK IPL 2020 : Can MS Dhoni stop Mumbai Indians from winning 6th consecutive time against CSK ?

Defending champions Mumbai Indians will take on 3-time IPL winner Chennai Super Kings in the IPL 2020 season opener in Abu Dhabi on September 19.
But can Chennai Super Kings break the jinx against Mumbai Indians? Both CSK and MI are successful teams but interestingly CSK has lost all their last 5 matches against Mumbai Indians.
While CSK will be led by the talismanic MS Dhoni, the odds are stacked against the Yellow Army. They are also without the services of veterans Suresh Raina and Harbhajan Singh who formed the backbone of the team.
However, the franchise has built a reputation of scripting incredible fightback stories and will be hoping to do an encore when the teams lock horns in the IPL 13 opener. Insidesport weighs the odds to see if CSK can break this jinx and start off on a winning note.
Last 5 matches
In their last five encounters, MI have taken an unprecedented 5-0 lead registering wins in all matches of IPL 2019 and Match No 27 of IPL 2018. No other active team has a win percentage of more than 40 against CSK other than MI.
2019: MI defeated CSK by 1 run

2019: MI defeated CSK by 6 wicket
2019: MI defeated CSK by 46 runs
2019: MI defeated CSK by 37 runs
2018: CSK won by 1 wicket

CSK missing foreign players 
The Chennai Super Kings have been struck with poor luck ahead of IPL 2020. While some of their players tested positive for Covid 19, the CSK franchise are also devoid of some of their foreign recruits- Sam Curran and Josh Hazlewood.
This comes as a blow to the franchise after already having lost the services of Suresh Raina and Harbhajan Singh for the upcoming edition. Hazlewood and Sam Curran, both were playing in the England vs Australia series but are yet to reach India unlike their fellow country teammates who already landed in UAE for IPL 2020 last night.
MS Dhoni vs Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma and Mahendra Singh Dhoni are two individuals who are masters at the craft of marshalling their troops While both are very different individuals and batsmen, yet they are exceptionally strong leaders who have excelled as captains.

While Dhoni has had immense success across both international cricket and in the IPLRohit’s success as a leader has mostly remained confined within the boundaries of the IPL.

Rohit, with 4 titles with Mumbai Indians, has 1 more than MS Dhoni tally of 3 with Chennai Super Kings.

On the other hand, Dhoni is the most successful captain in the history of the IPL in terms of matches won. Nobody has a higher win percentage than him.

MI vs CSK Head-to-head record

Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings (MI vs CSK) Total Matches – 30

Mumbai Indians (MI)
Total Games won Mumbai Indians (MI) – 18
Total Games lost Mumbai Indians (MI) – 12
Total Games Tie Mumbai Indians (MI) – 0
Chennai Super Kings (CSK)
Total Games won Chennai Super Kings (CSK)– 12
Total Games  lost Chennai Super Kings (CSK)–  18
Total Games Tie Chennai Super Kings (CSK)– 0

MI and CSK have faced each other 28 times in the IPL with MI leading the way with 17 wins, while CSK have won 11 times. As a result of it, MI have enjoyed a higher win percentage of 60.71, as compared to CSK. However, now we come to a bigger trivia which highlights just how dominant MI have been over CSK in the recent past.

MI vs CSK Head To Head
Match No Year Tournament Winner Margin
MI vs CSK 1 2008 2008 IPL CSK 6 runs
MI vs CSK 2 2008 2008 IPL MI 9 wickets
MI vs CSK 3 2009 2009 IPL MI 19 runs
MI vs CSK 4 2009 2009 IPL CSK 7 wickets
MI vs CSK 5 2010 2010 IPL MI 5 wickets
MI vs CSK 6 2010 2010 IPL CSK 24 runs
MI vs CSK 7 2010 2010 IPL CSK 22 runs
MI vs CSK 8 2011 2011 IPL MI 8 runs
MI vs CSK 9 2011 2011 CLT20 MI 3 wickets
MI vs CSK 10 2012 2012 IPL MI 8 wickets
MI vs CSK 11 2012 2012 IPL MI 2 wickets
MI vs CSK 12 2012 2012 IPL CSK 38 runs
MI vs CSK 13 2012 2012 CLT20 CSK 6 runs
MI vs CSK 14 2013 2013 IPL MI 9 runs
MI vs CSK 15 2013 2013 IPL MI 60 runs
MI vs CSK 16 2013 2013 IPL CSK 48 runs
MI vs CSK 17 2013 2013 IPL MI 23 runs
MI vs CSK 18 2014 2014 IPL CSK 7 wickets
MI vs CSK 19 2014 2014 IPL CSK 4 wickets
MI vs CSK 20 2014 2014 IPL CSK 7 wickets
MI vs CSK 21 2015 2015 IPL CSK 6 wickets
MI vs CSK 22 2015 2015 IPL MI 6 wickets
MI vs CSK 23 2015 2015 IPL MI 25 runs
MI vs CSK 24 2015 2015 IPL MI 41 runs
MI vs CSK 25 2018 2018 IPL CSK 1 wicket
MI vs CSK 26 2018 2018 IPL MI 8 wickets
MI vs CSK 27 2019 2019 IPL MI 37 runs
MI vs CSK 28 2019 2019 IPL MI 46 runs
MI vs CSK 29 2019 2019 IPL MI 6 Wickets
MI vs CSK 30 2019 2019 IPL MI 1 Run