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Top 5 Gaming events in India You Can’t Miss

Top 5 Gaming events in India You Can’t Miss

Image via Nodwin Gaming
Gear up for the ultimate gaming experience! Dive into the top 5 gaming events in India that every enthusiast should attend.

The gaming landscape is consistently evolving to offer unforgettable moments to gaming enthusiasts. Creating and organizing unmatchable gaming events has become the topmost priority and a favorite approach to elevate the experience of audiences. This is the reason why we are witnessing a rise in such events in India and around the world. Let’s check out the top 5 gaming events in India.

Top 5 Gaming Events in India

The players in the segment are not only organising thrilling esports competitions but also crafting exclusive games that raise the excitement and fervour of gamers. However, most often, it becomes puzzling for gamers to choose and book dates for the best events in the segment because of the lack of knowledge about what’s happening in the field. If you are the one who consistently scout for such gaming events that cannot be missed, here a list of the most electrifying gaming events. Are you ready to embark on this journey? Buckle up and prepare to take a deep dive into a whirlwind of gaming greatness.

Playground S3

Playground, India’s first one-of-a-kind gaming reality show, stands at the apex in the world of gaming events, that features many teams competing to emerge victorious. Popular YouTubers and prominent gaming personalities participate in the event as mentors which raises the excitement level. The first two seasons gained massive support from the gaming enthusiasts and were huge hits, making producers to think about the third season.

Playground Season 3

Recently, the third edition of the event, Playground S3 was announced in association with Rusk Media. The show will feature YouTube sensation Carry Minati once again as a mentor. This news has raised the temperature in the gaming communities who are eagerly waiting for the start of the season. Unlike previous two seasons, Playground S3 comes with a new and even more exciting format that emphasises on individual achievements of players, competing for the prestigious ‘Ultimate Gaming Entertainer’ trophy.

Sixteen dynamic micro-influencers will participate in the event this time as contestants and showcase their exceptional skills, strategic abilities, and stellar performances to clinch the title. The show will also allow audiences to actively participate in the event and extend support to their favourite players by voting for them directly on the Amazon miniTV app. Be ready for an unforgettable gaming extravaganza”.


DREAMHACK is a 3-day international gaming festival that celebrates technology, pop culture, gaming and cosplay. In India, Nodwin Gaming is hosting the DREAMHACK events. It encompasses a plethora of tournaments and esports competitions. It offers an opportunity to participants to not only win prizes by showcasing their tech and gaming prowess but also meet their beloved esports athletes and gaming creators.

Top 5 Gaming Events in India
Image via Nodwin Gaming

It also allows visitors to explore the novel gaming and tech equipment and actively participate in activities of their choice, including tournaments, cosplay, non-gaming events such as music concerts, stand-up comedy, and many others. This action-packed adrenaline stimulating event attracts gaming aficionados from across the globe. You must elevate your gaming experience with DREAMHACK.

Comic Con India

Comic Con is a comic-based event where comic book aficionados come together to have some fun with the unparalleled allure of comics and their brilliantly created characters. Started in 2011 with the aim to celebrate comics and how they bring happiness to people’s lives, it is an annual event held across major cities in India. Recently, Nodwin Gaming purchased the Comic Con India IP. They will now host the event with the gaming segment also. Over 1000 exhibitors enthusiastically participate in the event every year, attracting more than 2 lakh comic fans. Visitors get an opportunity to meet and interact creators and experts from the field.


Convergence transcends traditional gaming events with its focus on esports and community engagement. The event features top-tier competitions in popular titles like League of Legends, VALORANT and more. Convergence by Riot Games brings together the best players and teams for thrilling matches that captivate audiences worldwide.

It showcases a fusion of talent and active community engagement. It encompasses all elements to raise gaming experience. Last year, Riot’s hosted inaugural Valorant esport tournament in India that perfectly resonated with gaming enthusiasts.

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You must experience the vibrant tapestry of excitement, innovation and community engagement offered by these events. They have something for every gaming enthusiast. Don’t miss these event. Keep an eye and book your dates for the next wave of unforgettable moments.


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