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Aptos Labs and STAN to launch esports platform

Aptos Labs and STAN to launch esports platform

Image via STAN
Aptos Labs and India’s pioneering gaming force STAN launch esports platform enabling India’s 500m gamers to engage with favorite players

In a world where digital entertainment reigns supreme, the convergence of gaming and Web3 technology has opened up a realm of possibilities for both players and creators alike. STAN, an Indian gaming company, is leading this movement, pioneering an esports and influencer fandom platform that promises to redefine the gaming landscape for India’s 500m gamers. Check out the details below.

STAN has rapidly captivated the Indian market, boasting a substantial user base of 1 million Monthly Active Users (MAU). The platform has an impressive 250k engaging in Web3 activity. In addition to increased popularity and value to the nation’s gamers, STAN joins Guardianlink in Aptos Labs’ strategy to partner with key players in India’s burgeoning gaming industry.

The platform allows gamers to support and interact with their favorite esports personalities. They can buy NFTs and gain access to play with, meet, and interview their favorite esports celebrity. STAN’s esports and influencer fandom platform redefines the gaming landscape with a Web 2.5 approach. It provides an inclusive environment where everyone can enjoy the game. The gameplay mechanics enabled by the Aptos L1 blockchain allow users to take ownership of their assets.

Mr. Parth Chadha, Co-Founder of STAN says- “We’re thrilled to partner with Aptos, a blockchain platform uniquely positioned to accelerate STAN’s growth and innovation. Their exceptional scalability, rock-solid security, and cost-effectiveness are game-changers for our high-volume NFT and gaming needs. Aptos’ cutting-edge technology like Move and their commitment to the Indian gaming community further solidify this partnership as a win-win for both parties. We’re excited to unlock the full potential of Web3 gaming together”.

Mo Shaikh, co-founder & CEO of Aptos Labs said -“Seeing STAN attract a million users monthly in India really speaks to its impact on the esports world” .“Together, we’re taking STAN global, making it easier for fans to connect with their esports heroes.”

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STAN’s paying users exhibit an exceptional D30 retention rate surpassing 75%. Beyond its current success, STAN envisions broadening its use cases to enhance the gaming experience for users. With the support of Aptos Labs and other partners, STAN plans to expand its footprint into LATAM and Asia, marking a strategic move towards global growth. STAN’s recent funding success, securing $2.7 million in Pre-Series A round funding, underscores the confidence investors have in the platform’s vision.


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