Highest paid teams in Euro Cup 2024

Highest paid teams in Euro Cup 2024

Here is the list of the highest paid teams and players in the Euro Cup 2024. France is the most expensive team.

The Euro Cup is one of the most prestigious and expensive tournaments, featuring elite teams from across Europe. Among these teams, a select few stand out as the highest paid, graced by some of the most expensive players in the sport. This article delves into the highest paid team in the tournament, exploring their staggering salaries, lucrative endorsement deals, and strategic financial planning that set them apart from the rest.

Teams Yearly Salary Highest Paid PlayerPlayer SalaryManager Salary
France1000 millionKylian Mbappé72 million3.5 million
England950 millionHarry Kane20 million6 million
Spain900 millionSergio Busquets22 million2.5 million
Portugal870 millionCristiano Ronaldo200 million2 million
Italy850 millionGianluigi Donnarumma12 million2.7 million
Belgium800 millionKevin De Bruyne20 million1.8 million
Germany730 millionManuel Neuer18 million5 million
Netherlands620 millionVirgil van Dijk12 million2.2 million
Croatia500 millionLuka Modrić10 million1 million
Switzerland450 millionGranit Xhaka7 million1 million


Accordig to SlotsUp report, the squad with the highest paid athletes for Euro 2024 is France. Having an annual payroll of €1 billion, the French national squad is among the best in the world. Kylian Mbappé, the highest-paid athlete in France, takes home €72 million a year. The French national squad, led by a €3.5 million-a-year coach.


The Euro2024 team with the second-highest paid athletes is England. With Harry Kane earning €20 million year as the top paid player on the national squad, it lags France by 50 million euros. The managers’ remuneration, at €6 million, is the highest on the list and nearly twice that of their French counterparts.


With a total annual compensation of €900 million, Spain comes in third place. With an annual salary of €22 million, veteran midfielder Sergio Busquets has been a member of the Spanish national squad since Euro 2012. Spain has the lowest managerial wage of any country, at €2.5 million.


Portugal, with a total pay of €870 million, comes in fourth. Portugal’s budget lags behind Spain by just €30 million. The annual salary of Cristiano Ronaldo is €200 million. Their manager makes €2 million a year, which is only €500,000 more than the manager of Spain.


Italy, with a total salary of €850 million, rounds out the top five. The team’s top paid player, Gianluigi Donnarumma, brings about €12 million annually. He is one of two goalkeepers on their national team who earn the most money, according to this list. The annual salary of the management is €2.7 million.


With a combined salary of €800 million, Belgium has a wealth of potential for football’s future. Leading the national squad is Kevin De Bruyne, who receives a €20 million salary year. The manager makes €1.8 million a year.


Germany comes in seventh place with a total compensation of €730 million. The other goalkeeper in his national team that earns the most money is Manuel Neuer, who makes €18 million a year. The second-highest paid coach in the rankings, whose pay is €5 million, is in charge of the club.


Next with a total compensation of €620 million is the Netherlands. The most paid player on the team is Virgil van Dijk, a world-class defender who makes €12 million a year. The manager of the team makes €2.2 million a year, just €500,000 less than the Italian trainer.


Luka Modrić, the most paid player on Croatia’s national team with an annual pay of €10 million, leads the team, which ranks ninth in the rankings with a total salary of €500 million. The manager makes a million euros a year.


Switzerland, with a total pay of €450 million, completes the top ten. Granit Xhaka is the highest paid player on the list and the lowest paid overall, taking home an annual salary of €7 million. The manager gets the same €1 million pay as Croatia.


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