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PUBG Mobile 3.4 Update to introduce Werewolf Vs Vampire theme

PUBG Mobile 3.4 Update to introduce Werewolf Vs Vampire theme

During Gamescom Latam, Level Infinite reveals that PUBG Mobile 3.4 Update will bring Werewolf vs Vampire theme.

During the Gamescom Latam, PUBG Mobile offers a glimpse into future version updates. Coming later this year, the PUBG Mobile 3.4 Update is set to introduce a werewolf versus vampire concept. It features a ground-breaking new gameplay mechanism, the werewolf /vampire transformation skill. Players will be able to explore gothic castle and werewolf tribe themed areas, plus experience the introduction of a new mount, the War Horse. Check out more changes below:

PUBG Mobile 3.4 Update: Upcoming features

In classic gameplay, PUBG MOBILE announced a series of new updates such as the optimization of weapons and vehicles and improvements to enhance player’s experiences even further. Players will now be able to heal whilst driving, allowing for more strategy and tactical opportunities whilst on-the-move. PUBG MOBILE will also introduce its first dual-wield weapon in the later half of 2024, adding yet another layer of strategy and excitement to gameplay.

Players can now use Shop tokens earned in-game to purchase a key to drive the Mobile Shop around the Erangel, Miramar, Livik, and Sanhok maps, embracing the potential to become a true Mobile Shop Vehicle.

Players can once again encounter Son Goku, Vegeta, and their “Super Forms” in the world of PUBG MOBILE now, experiencing the extraordinary ability to POWER UP.

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In addition to this, a host of new weapon optimisation features, including the bullet penetration effect for bolt-action sniper rifles and a revamped P90, are now available in-game for PUBG MOBILE players to enjoy. In Classic Battle Royale, Erangel will also see updates and adjustments, including a new transfer mechanism and more scene gameplay explorations, as PUBG MOBILE continues to enrich and improve the basic gameplay experience for players.


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