What is super over? Clueless Americans scratch their heads over cricket rules as USA beat PAK

What is super over? Clueless Americans scratch their heads over cricket rules as USA beat PAK

It looks like beating the Pakistan cricket team is easy, but understanding cricket terms is difficult for American citizens. After the USA's famous win over Pakistan, what is super over   is taking the internet by surprise.

The United States has witnessed arguably the best day in its cricket history. Playing in the World Cup as an associate team, they knocked down Pakistan in the unbelievable Super Over thriller at the T20 World Cup on June 6. After restricting Pakistan to a score of 159 runs in 20 overs. Despite showing impressive batting, the USA camp didn’t manage to surpass the target, but they achieved the same scoreline.

But what happened after that is going to be remembered for years and years in USA cricket history with golden words. Since the T20 World Cup is happening for the first time in the USA, without question, the USA camp is doing wonders. It looks like the ICC’s belief in making this sport popular in the USA is on track after this unforgettable game. American citizens are not thinking about anything else but just cricket. Every American civilian is searching for lots of cricket terms, and they are eager to learn more about cricket.

But one term that is taking over the trending chart is ‘What is a super over?’. Everyone in the USA is asking the same question. In short, just like the recently held game between the USA and Pakistan is the talk of the town. This question is everyone’s too. But not to worry, let’s have a detailed look at the super over rule and understand why and when it comes into play in cricket. 

What is a super over?

Super Over is a way to decide the winner of a tied game. It was introduced in 2008 as a replacement for the bowl-out method. Which was previously used to decide the winner in these crucial matches.

Speaking more about this rule, when the match is tied. Then two teams select three batters and a bowler to deliver six legal balls. At the end of the two overs, the team that scores the most runs is declared the winner. Also, one interesting fact is that all the runs scored by a batter and wickets taken by a bowler are not counted in their career stats.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who bats first in a Super Over?

The team that batted second in the original match bats first in the Super Over.

How many wickets can a bowler take in a Super Over?

As mentioned, each team can nominate three batters. So two wickets are allowed for each batting team in the Super Over.

What happens if Super Over is tied?

As per ICC rules, if the Super Over is tied, subsequent Super Overs shall be played for a reasonable amount of time until there is a winner.


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