Cricket dominates Google search trends in USA after upsetting Pakistan in T20 World Cup

Cricket dominates Google search trends in USA after upsetting Pakistan in T20 World Cup

What the ICC couldn't do despite spending millions, eleven men have in a matter of hours: spread buzz around cricket in the USA.

Intending to grow the sport in the USA, the ICC has spent an incredible amount of money and time on building stadiums and infrastructure for the T20 World Cup. Hired ambassadors like Yuvraj Singh, Chris Gayle, and Usain Bolt. Made sure matches were played at suitable times with the Indian audience in mind. They have also ensured New York witnessed the blockbuster India vs Pakistan match, but none of these things was successful in creating a buzz around cricket in America. 

Cricket goes mainstream in the USA

That all changed yesterday when the home team USA pulled off one of the greatest upsets in cricket history, beating the Pakistan cricket team in a super over. The miraculous win seemed to propel cricket into the mainstream in America. Newspapers, channels, big-time journalists, and fans across the nation celebrated the victory.


But most of the public in America was perplexed. They weren’t exactly privy to cricket, the world’s second-biggest sport. So, as they were stormed with the news that the USA cricket team created history, they decided to learn about the ‘new sport’ that arrived on their shores in the form of the T20 World Cup 2024.

Here are some of the terms Americans are searching for after the USA beat Pakistan:

Where was cricket invented and cricket rules explained? are some of the terms Americans searched for after USA beat Pakistan in T20 World Cup.
  • Where was cricket invented?
  • How to play cricket?
  • Cricket rules explained
  • Cricket store near me
  • Cricket terms
  • US men’s cricket team
  • What is a super over in cricket?
  • USA cricket team captain
  • USA cricket roster
  • Cricket Stadium Long Island

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