Learning from BCCI? PCB mulls high-tech surveillance on players to stop match-fixing

Learning from BCCI? PCB mulls high-tech surveillance on players to stop match-fixing

With history of match-fixing in Pakistan Cricket, PCB ACSU has proposed usage of high-tech surveillance in PSL 2024 to stop corruption.

Pakistan cricket has a match-fixing problem. And not so long ago Pakistan Super League too came under the scanner. However, since then PCB has taken a zero-tolerance policy. With PSL 2024 underway, PCB is looking to be more stringent. To keep fixing and fixers away from their pride project, PCB is mulling high-tech surveillance, snooping in on players instead of relying on human intelligence. The Anti-Corruption & Security Unit (ACSU) of the BCCI proposed a similar surveillance to stop match-fixing even before it takes place. However, BCCI shot down the idea as it was an infringement of players’ privacy.

PSL 2024

As per a Cricket Pakistan report, Tariq Qureshi, the head of the PCB Anti-Corruption Unit wants high-tech surveillance to tackle the fixing menace. Currently, PCB relies on human intelligence. Pakistan Cricket has appointed ACU officials in hotels and grounds with the team. However, they believe it’s not foolproof.

High-tech surveillance

With modern technology making it easier to snoop in on players, the PCB ACU has advocated the use of it to prevent corruption. Qureshi believes even though it has become difficult for bookies to approach players, human lapses could still lead to mishaps.

Hence, he wants to use an advanced surveillance system and monitor the financial transactions of ICC-blacklisted individuals and cricketers. The ACU has already shared details of suspected individuals with franchises in PSL 2024. The list also includes two Indians.

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Learning from BCI ACSU?

In 2021, BCCI’s Anti Corruption & Security Unit (ACSU) had proposed radical usage of modern surveillance system to stop corruption.

Former Director General of Gujarat Police, Shabir Hussein Shekhadam Khandwawala, wanted to snoop in on telephone calls of players. He also wanted concealed audio and video recorders, high-resolution monocular or binoculars apart from Mobile forensics equipment.

What did ACSU demand?

  • A dedicated and secure Storage Locker to safe keep confidential information and inquiry reports.
  • A separate seating should be arranged for the ACSU officials in the BCCI office.
  • To be able to conduct operations, the ACSU officials would require specialised equipment to capture conversations and activities of ‘fixers’ and other persons of interest.
  • ACSU needs to procure: Video Cameras for recording interviews, Audio recorders, point-and-click cameras, Concealed voice recorders, Concealed video recorders, Mobile forensics equipment for downloading and analysing Mobile phone data
  • Portable printers — to enable Investigators to conduct interviews and take signed statements from individuals.
  • High resolution – Monoculars/Binoculars

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