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David Warner’s wife reveals nasty bathroom details, says she has no problem with his habits

David Warner’s wife reveals nasty bathroom details, says she has no problem with his habits

Star professional ironwoman and former test cricketer David Warner's wife, Candice Warner, has something to share about their married life or say some tips for couples.

Why is there so much awkward silence when discussing farts and poo? It seems like former ironwoman Candice Warner has some tips for couples who find it embarrassing to discuss bathroom activities.

The former professional ironwoman and David Warner’s wife, Candice Warner, has shared some intimate details about her marriage to Australian star David Warner. Mrs. Warner revealed that the couple has no boundaries, even when it comes to sharing bathroom habits.

Ok to ‘fart and poo’ in front of  each other

Talking about her personal life with David Warner on The Rush Hour radio show, Candice made these comments during a segment where, in a conversation about whether it was okay to ‘fart and poo’ in front of a partner, she said it is absolutely fine to do so. ‘It’s a natural thing, and it blows my mind when couples don’t feel comfortable pooing in front of each other.’ Looking at the statement, it surely seems like the couple has no boundaries.

‘I fart and poo a lot’!

Speaking more about this topic, she added that early on in their relationship, David Warner told her, or, as it is rightly to say, warned her, ‘I fart and poo a lot.’ She added ‘we don’t even have doors’ on the toilets in their home. ‘If David is on the toilet, I will brush my teeth and get ready’.

Candice Warner, a final advisor

Apart from sharing intimate details, Candice Warner once gave insight into how she managed the star cricketer’s financial allowance. She revealed on the ‘Backstage with Cooper and Matty Johns’ podcast during a joint interview with David Warner, stating that Warner is a huge spender, and she had to intervene and tighten the purse strings. Adding to this, she also mentioned that David doesn’t have a banking app on his phone anymore.


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