Aston Villa unhappy with wet-look jerseys, know WHY

Aston Villa’s players complain about their jerseys as they say that the wet-look jerseys are affecting performance

Aston Villa players extremely unhappy with their new wet-look jerseys as they complain that the jerseys are hampering their performance

According to reports, Aston Villa players are dissatisfied with their new jerseys. The feeling amongst the team is that the jersey is having an impact on how well they play. The shirts, which Castore provides, have been criticised by players for becoming saturated with sweat early in games.

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Aston Villa unhappy with wet-look jerseys, know WHY
Aston Villa unhappy with wet-look jerseys, know WHY

Aston Villa players not happy with jersey

In addition to the jerseys being saturated with sweat, the Aston Villa players are not happy that the jerseys also holding onto that moisture the entire time. This is making players uncomfortable with bulky shirts that cling to the body. The team has voiced its concerns to the club, and Villa is pressing the suppliers for a prompt response.

When Aston Villa’s team wore sponsor-free shirts in their Europa League matches against Legia Warsaw last week, their sweat issue became very obvious. A source told The Telegraph, “The players are having to play in soaking wet t-shirts and it is a problem that needs to be solved. It cannot go on all season. The players look like they’ve jumped in a swimming pool after about 10 minutes.”

Castore is a relative newcomer to the sportswear industry. They have landed high-profile deals with teams like Rangers, Newcastle United, Bayer Leverkusen as well as the England cricket team. Now, they may feel somewhat embarrassed by the situation.

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Aston Villa will be hoping that they can find a solution to this issue soon. The onus will now fall on Castore to ensure that the new batch of jerseys don’t have the same issue.

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