Friday, May 20, 2022

Amouranth Faces Discord Server Hack; many members of the server banned

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Recently, the discord server of the famous Twitch Creator Amouranth was hacked by haters, and many members were banned. Amouranth is one of the biggest twitch streamers and she is having a lot of followers on her social media handles as well. Amouranth’s success also attracts a lot of haters. Just about a few days back her Instagram was taken down due to mass reports by trolls. And now a similar kind of thing is taking place with her discord server. Amouranth’s Discord Server, Amouranth Discord Server Hacked, Discord Hack

On the 3rd of January, the twitch streamer had revealed that her server will be having some major renovations. She revealed this after some fans were suddenly banned from the discord server. After some time, she tweeted and revealed the truth and told the fans what happened to the server.

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She mentioned that her discord server has been hacked and they are trying to restore the server. She revealed this on her Twitter account and asked for help from Discord in her tweet. The hackers had kicked the server mods out of the server and started spamming links to their own channel. The threat was eventually taken care of by Amouranth and her team.

This kind of hate is what makes it a lot more difficult for these famous Twitch streamers. The fans were really confused about what happened on the server. One of the comments said that the fan had faced a lot of pings. However, he knew what was happening in Amouranth’s Discord server once he checked.

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That said, now Amouranth’s Discord server is under control and is not facing many problems. And the Streamer did not face any kind of leak of her data. Nevertheless, this kind of hate has started to grow against the streamers. Let’s hope that twitch streamers won’t face these kinds of problems in the future.

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