Sunday, May 22, 2022

Amouranth opens up regarding her income, bullies, mental health and a lot more

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Popular and sensational Twitch streamer Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has risen to huge fame and popularity. In a recent documentary with Vice, we get a perspective regarding the flip side of her stardom and popularity. Amouranth, hot tub, Twitch, ASMR, mental health, pets, Twitch, OnlyFans Model, 7-eleven, visa stock,

The ASMR and hot tub meta streamer on Twitch revealed that as she gradually expanded her empire across various social media platforms, and being a model on OnlyFans boosts up her finances to a huge amount of $1.5 million per month. Not only that she has also invested in visa stocks, she now owns a gas station and other business ventures.

Although she is quite successful, she has her struggles too. She says how other streamers and creators tried to put her down, accusing her content to be addictive and stating it as a reason why gaming content won’t do good in the community. This is mostly because of her controversial sexually suggestive hot tub metas. She justified her content on grounds of creative freedom.

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She also expressed her love for animals and how much she wants to accomplish to just help horses and dogs. She spoke about how she felt lonely growing up and that led to strong bonding with pets. She even opened up about her relationship with her parents and what views they have regarding her career.

“My parents are very conservative,” she noted. “It’s hard for me to remember their exact words to me when I first started.” Her parents weren’t supportive of her career at first and she credits herself to most of her career growth and success. Later she jokingly said, “Once I showed them my bank account, they kinda felt a lot better. It’s weird how that does that to people”.

She then went on to explain how online trolls and bullies can really have a detrimental effect on a creators’ mental health and life as a whole. She even read out some of the online threats and bullies which she faces on a regular basis. She considered talking about mental health too.

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Overall, she enjoys creating these contents and save up enough money for the future to fuel her life goals. In this interview, she talks about topics that otherwise would have been left unraised and unthought of. 

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