Sentinels Triumph in Thrilling VALORANT Masters Madrid Grand Finals!

Sentinels Triumph in Thrilling VALORANT Masters Madrid Grand Finals!

Sentinels defeats Gen.G Esports in a best of five VALORANT Masters Madrid Grand Finals and lifts the trophy.

VALORANT Masters Madrid Grand Finals lived up to the hype, with Sentinels and Gen.G battling it out in a historic series. Here’s a breakdown of the action:

VALORANT Masters Madrid Grand Finals: Match Summary

Gen.G Takes Early Lead

Gen.G started strong, dominating Breeze 13-8. Karon and munchkin shut down Sentinels’ aggressive plays, putting the Pacific region on the map.

Sentinels Strike Back

Sentinels bounced back on Bind, edging past Gen.G in a nail-biter 14-12. Sacy’s heroics led the way, securing a crucial win to even the series.

Gen.G Reasserts Dominance

Ascent belonged to Gen.G. munchkin and Lakia masterfully countered Sentinels’ tactics, securing a convincing 13-8 victory and series lead.

Sentinels Stage Comeback

With their backs against the wall, Sentinels pulled off a remarkable comeback on Haven. Zekken’s firepower and johnqt’s Cypher play were instrumental in a 13-10 win, forcing a map 5 decider.

Sentinels Claim Victory on Icebox

The final map, Icebox, saw Sentinels dominate. Their aggressive plays and strategic setups overwhelmed Gen.G. Sentinels secured a commanding 13-6 win, claiming the VCT 2024 Masters Madrid title.

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This victory marks a triumphant return for Sentinels, who haven’t hoisted a major trophy since their 2021 Masters Reykjavik win. This talented roster has proven themselves as a top contender in the VCT 2024 season.


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