Sunday, May 22, 2022

PUBG MOBILE x Spider-Man: No Way Home is Live! Check how to play and everything else that’s new in the 1.8 Update

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For the new season, PUBG Mobile is collaborating with the latest installation of the MCU film franchise – Spider-Man: No Way Home. Today, the developers have made it official that the much-anticipated collab is indeed happening in the next season. Along with that, there’s a bunch of new features and in-game changes coming with the 1.8 update that will significantly improve the survival experience on the battlegrounds. PUBG MOBILE x Spider-Man: No Way Home,  PUBG Mobile x Spider-Man, PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile 1.8 Update, Spider-Man: No Way Home, PUBG Mobile x Spider-Man Gameplay,

PUBG MOBILE x Spider-Man: No Way Home

Your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man™ is coming! Stay tuned for the big update on Jan 14th! Spider-Man: No Way Home, Exclusively in Theaters NOW!” posted the officials, thereby confirming that the event mode of Spider-Man goes live in the game on January 14th.

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PUBG Mobile x Spider-Man: Gameplay

The gameplay features Spider-Man himself in Erangel. Marvel’s widely beloved superhero will make its first appearance once players hop onto the plane. It definitely seems a lot similar to Jinx’s animation last season. During the match, Spider-Man will spawn in a particular location on the map to fight a giant robot. Players can travel to the spot and loot special crates for Spider-Man like superpowers that will make them swing and climb to any rooftop instantly. All that said, the gameplay definitely feels like a setback from Arcane’s – Mirror World event mode which allowed players to respawn multiple times.

PUBG Mobile 1.8 Update Improvements and New Features


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Firstly, the lobby screen UI is going through an overhaul where new options are also getting implemented, such as the Unranked versions of all modes. Also, the option to select modes has been moved to the upper screen section for better accessibility.

A new matchmaking system has been introduced with the 1.8 updates that will limit players who are at Diamond tier or above to matchmake with subsequent two tiers only. That means diamond players can matchmake with players up to Ace tier and not above. To matchmake with players who are in Ace Master, you must maintain a minimum tier rank of Crown. Players who are Platinum and below can matchmake among themselves with no restrictions.

Further changes include patch note updates. The major gameplay change coming next season is the option to revive teammates underwater. Players will no longer face instant death after getting knocked on water. Even in the knocked out state, they can swim to the shore by themselves or get carried by teammates.

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