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The Life of a Streamer: GamingWorld_Verified Reveals All

The Life of a Streamer: GamingWorld_Verified Reveals All

In an interview with InsideSport, GamingWorld_Verified aka Naveen Bansal talks about his journey from casual gamer to streamer.

GamingWorld_Verified aka Naveen Bansal, a popular game streamer builts a passionate following through their skills and engaging personality. In an interview with InsideSport, Naveen talks about his journey from casual gaming with friends to taking the leap into streaming, the impact of the BGMI ban, and how they manage to balance a streaming career with other commitments. Check out the full interview below:

Elaborate on your gaming and live-streaming career journey.

I kicked off my gaming journey like that of any typical gaming enthusiast. I found myself deeply immersed in gaming, enjoying countless hours with my friends, and socializing with them over the intriguing discussions of games. Then came 4G gaming, which turned things up a notch – it made everything smoother and more exciting. It was one fine day when my friend prodded “Why don’t you be a professional gamer?”, suggesting I should turn my gaming skills and communication into a streaming career!

Their encouragement lit a fire under me, and in 2018, I took the leap and started streaming with the name of GamingWorld_Verified. And since then, there has been no turning back. I have relieved and enjoyed every moment of gaming, which fuels my drive to excel in the world of gaming.

How do you think BGMI has affected your gaming journey? Do you think the abrupt ban helped you to to a new gaming style?

The sudden ban on Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) hit the entire gaming community hard, myself included. Viewership numbers understandably dipped during that time. It was a turning point, though, and an opportunity to explore new horizons. I started delving into Minecraft, VALORANT, and the world of PC gaming. This opened doors to a whole new audience for my streams.

It’s true that mobile games boast a larger player and viewer base compared to PC titles. The accessibility of mobile gaming is undeniable – not everyone can afford a high-end PC setup to run demanding games like Valorant or Call of Duty.

Balancing multiple pursuits can be challenging. How do you manage your time effectively to maintain your streaming career while handling other commitments?

To ensure quality time with family and handle other commitments, I carve out a dedicated streaming block from 4 PM to midnight. The rest of the day is all about them!

Live-streaming is an excellent way to connect with communities across the globe. How do you think Loco has helped you in your streaming journey?

Loco, the Indian gaming and live-streaming platform, has been instrumental in connecting me with a passionate gaming audience. Their massive base of gamers has allowed me as GamingWorld_Verified to truly engage with fans from all corners of the country. It feels almost like a virtual nationwide tour, connecting with people from Punjab to Gujarat and everywhere in between.

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Loco’s support, especially during my early days as a streamer, has been invaluable.  Their platform actively promotes creators through features like push notifications, social media sharing, and even monetization options.  This past year, I even had the chance to attend the India Gaming Awards 2023, powered by Loco, where I rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest names in Indian gaming –  8BIT Thug, Mortal, Snax, and more!


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