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Tekken 8 brings fight to new generation, Check details

Tekken 8 brings fight to new generation, Check details

TEKKEN 8, the brand-new entry in the legendary TEKKEN franchise, brings the fight to the new generation! The game is now live for everyone.

Tekken 8 has landed officially. This latest entry in the legendary fighting game franchise marks a thrilling evolution, powered by Unreal Engine 5 and brimming with next-gen goodness. Check out the details about the game below:

Tekken 8: A Legacy Forged in Fire

Tekken 8 continues the epic saga of the Mishima and Kazama bloodlines, where fiery rivalries ignite and destinies clash. Jin Kazama stands at the precipice, determined to defy his cursed Devil Gene and break the cycle of violence. But Kazuya Mishima, consumed by demonic power, throws the world into chaos, forcing Jin to confront his own inner demons and a father fueled by vengeance.

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Tekken 8 live servers are facing some errors due to a high concentration of users connecting to matching and competition servers.

Revolution in the Ring

Tekken 8 isn’t just about throwing flashy punches and bone-shattering kicks. The “Heat System” injects a fresh dose of aggression, empowering fighters with enhanced attacks and special abilities based on their built-up heat gauge. Rage Arts return, more devastating than ever, while destructible environments add a layer of dynamic chaos to the fray.


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