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Stalwart Esports’ PUBG Mobile Roster declares free agency, know more

Stalwart Esports’ PUBG Mobile Roster declares free agency, know more

Stalwart Esports' PUBG Mobile Roster Coach Senator and players announced the free agency. They are looking for new org to represent this season.

The PUBG Mobile scene just experienced a tectonic shift – Stalwart Esports has dropped a bombshell. Their entire PUBG Mobile roster, a collection of battle-hardened veterans and rising stars, has declared free agency. It sends shockwaves through the competitive landscape. The announcement of free agent has been made by players.

This unexpected move leaves a gaping hole in Stalwart’s PUBG Mobile ambitions. The roster, known for their aggressive playstyle and strategic rotations, had consistently threatened the dominance of top teams like Alpha7 and IHC Esports. Just last season, they narrowly missed out on the championship, their defeat leaving them hungry for redemption

Senator, coach of the team announced,

“Hi! We want to announce that Ex-Rosters from Stalwart Esports (South Asia) are now free agents. First, we would love to share our gratitude to all our supporters who have stood by us in both our highs and lows. Now, it’s time for us to step out of our comfort zone and cope with new challenges to achieve further milestones. We promise that we won’t disappoint, regardless of the choice we make.

Also, we are very thankful to Stalwart Esports for creating with us all the good memories and achievements in these 2.5 years. We truly wish all the best for the organization in the future. Currently, we are looking for an organization that shares the same values as us: integrity and ambition. Once again, your support means the world to us. We hope you guys will join us on this electrifying new chapter.

Stalwart Esports' PUBG Mobile Roster declares free agency, know more

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Fans are curious about the new home for the players. There will be announcement very soon. 2024 Spring season of PUBG Mobile Super League Central Asia is set to start very soon. It will feature top teams from all over the South Asia including Pakistan, Nepal, Mongolia and more countries.


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