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PUBG Mobile Hunter X Hunter crate is now available with amazing items

PUBG Mobile Hunter X Hunter crate is now available with amazing items

Level Infinite brings a brand new Hunter X Hunter Crate in PUBG Mobile shop section. Players can draw amazing items.

Level Infinite has conjured up a region-limited PUBG Mobile treat. The Hunter X Hunter crate is now available in the game. Gear up with iconic items inspired by the legendary manga and anime series, and let your skills shine on the battlegrounds. Check out the detailed information below.

PUBG Mobile Hunter X Hunter crate comes with coveted loot, including:

  • Legendary Character Sets: Become Gon, Killua, or Kurapika himself, rocking their signature outfits and wielding their Nen powers (in spirit, of course).
  • Mythic Might: Claim the Magician’s Melody skin for the AWM sniper rifle, leaving a symphony of destruction in your wake.
  • Bonus Goodies: Classic Crate Coupons, Stickers, and more await to enhance your game.

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How to get items of the Hunter X Hunter Crate?

To unlock these treasures, prepare to perform “crate openings” – spins that require varying amounts of UCs (PUBG Mobile’s in-game currency). Here’s the breakdown:

  • First Draw: 10 UCs – a tempting initial taste.
  • Subsequent Draws: 40 UCs each – test your luck.
  • Bulk Draw: 360 UCs for 10 crates – go bold and reap the rewards.

Remember: Prices may vary in your region, and the more attempts you make, the higher the chance of snagging an exclusive item.


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