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Pokémon Go February update to bring Eggs-pedition Access, Check details

Pokémon Go February update to bring Eggs-pedition Access, Check details

Image via Niantic
Trainers will be able to purchase a ticket for Eggs-pedition Access in February. Know more about the Pokémon Go February update.

Niantic unveils details of upcoming Pokémon Go February update. The update will bring exciting discoveries and bountiful rewards with February Eggs-pedition Access! Players can grab ticket starting February 1st and embark on a journey packed with Hisuian encounters, XP boosts, and exclusive avatar items. Check out the detailed information below.

Embark on the Hisuian Trail

Complete Timed Research tasks throughout February to encounter Pokémon rarely seen outside the Hisui region, like Gible, Togetic, and even Hisuian Growlithe! Earn valuable XP and Stardust along the way as you unravel the mysteries of this ancient land.

Pokémon Go February Eggs-pedition Access will bring daily bonuses

February Eggs-pedition Access runs from February 1st to 29th, with ticket sales closing on February 27th. Eggs-pedition Access fuels your adventures with daily bonuses:

  • Hatch an extra Egg daily: Your first PokéStop spin unlocks a single-use Incubator, making hatching Hisuian wonders a breeze.
  • XP Boosts Galore: Triple XP for your first catch and PokéStop spin of the day means faster level-up journeys.
  • Gift Overload: Expand your gifting and receiving potential with increased Gift storage and daily limits.

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Web Store Bonus: Dress Like a Hisuian Hero

Trainers who purchase their Eggs-pedition Access through the Pokémon GO Web Store will unlock a special set of avatar items inspired by the intrepid Security Corps from Pokémon Legends: Arceus! Don the iconic red outfit and woven hat, channeling the spirit of Hisuian exploration.


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