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Mobile Legends Bang Bang introduces Zhuxin, the mystery beauty of the East

Mobile Legends Bang Bang introduces Zhuxin, the mystery beauty of the East

Mobile Legends Bang Bang brings Zhuxin Character in the game. Check out the character abilities and more below.

The peerless and mystery beauty of the East has finally arrived in Mobile Legends Bang Bang aka MLBB. Zhuxin offers players command over ember butterflies to strike fear into their enemies. Check out more details below:

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Zhuxin Character abilities  

Passive – Crimson ButterfliesEvery time Zhuxin casts Skill 2 – Lantern Flare, the Mana spent will be converted into Crimson Butterflies that will fly around her Spirit Lantern. Once she stops casting Skill 2, the Crimson Butterflies will gradually dissipate, each one restoring a portion of her Mana.Zhuxin has a naturally high base Max Mana, but the limit will not scale with her level.
Skill 1 – Fluttering GraceZhuxin deals Magic Damage to all enemies in a fan-shaped area and applies stacks of Soul Snare on them. Targets hit will also be slowed while Zhuxin gains Movement Speed for a period of time.
Skill 2 – Lantern FlareHold and drag the skill button to consume Mana and independently move Zhuxin’s Spirit Lantern from her, dealing continuous Magic Damage to all enemies in its range while applying stacks of Soul Snare to enemy heroes. Once an enemy has enough stacks, they will be captured and pulled airborne. After capturing an enemy, release the skill button to throw all captured enemies to the target location, dealing Magic Damage to all targets in the area.
Ultimate – Crimson BeaconZhuxin blinks to the target location and enters a flying state. For the duration of her Ultimate, she deals continuous Magic Damage to enemies around her while applying stacks of Soul Snare.

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Players can enchant their opponent with Zhuxin’s lantern and butterflies that transform into formidable weapons to control their foe. With her multiple crowd-control options and sustained area-of-effect damage, expect Zhuxin to be a superb initiator of team fights, especially in the mid-to-late game.


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