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KRAFTON introduces powerful Blacksmith unit in Defense Derby

KRAFTON introduces powerful Blacksmith unit in Defense Derby

Image via Krafton
Krafton, the publisher of Defense Derby introduces powerful Blacksmith unit in the game. Check out the full information about the new unit.

KRAFTON has unleashed the mighty Blacksmith, a human juggernaut whose mere presence bolsters your heroes’ combat fury. This physical-type powerhouse elevates both attack power and speed with its fiery forge ability, turning the tide of battle in a single stroke. Check more information about Defense Derby Blacksmith Unit.

KRAFTON introduces the powerful Blacksmith unit in Defense Derby
Image via Krafton

The Blacksmith unit is a valuable addition to your Defense Derby deck. Here are some tips to harness the unit’s power and win battles:

Boost your hero’s performance: One can use the Blacksmith unit’s forge ability to enhance hero’s attack power and speed. It can make them more effective in battle.

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Place Blacksmith units strategically: Blacksmith units should be placed in strategic locations to maximize their effectiveness. They work best when placed near your hero or other physical-type units.

Create powerful synergies: Blacksmith units work best when combined with other physical-type units, such as the Knight or the Berserker. This combination can create a powerful force that can take down even the toughest enemies.

In Defense Derby, steel meets sorcery as heroes clash in a real-time, 3×3 tower defense brawl. Forge your legend by choosing between humans, beasts, and spirits, each faction wielding unique strengths and combos. Unleash the inferno with blacksmiths, summon ethereal sentinels with shamans, or unleash savage roars with werewolves.


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