Bandai Co Ltd Partners with XSOLLA to Empower Tamagotchi Uni

Bandai Co Ltd Partners with XSOLLA to Empower Tamagotchi Uni

Xsolla's partnership with Bandai Co., Ltd. brings a seamless global payment solution to Tamagotchi Uni, enhancing player experience.

Xsolla, a leading global video game commerce company, has partnered with Bandai Co., Ltd. to enhance the gaming experience of “Tamagotchi Uni” users worldwide. By integrating Xsolla’s advanced Web Shop technology, Tamagotchi Uni now offers a convenient and secure way for players to purchase and download digital content, including limited edition characters and customization options. Check out the detailed information below:

This collaboration enables “Tamagotchi Uni” to expand its global reach and revenue by leveraging Xsolla’s expertise in game payment solutions and access to over 700 payment methods worldwide. The “Tamaverse Ticket Shop” allows users to directly purchase “Tamaverse Tickets,” granting access to exclusive in-game items.

David Stelzer, President of Xsolla, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing the shared commitment to enhancing the gaming experience for users globally and expanding “Tamagotchi Uni’s” revenue streams.

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Key benefits of the collaboration:

  • Convenient payment environment: Players can easily purchase digital content from the “Tamaverse Ticket Shop” using various payment methods.
  • Global reach: Xsolla’s technology enables “Tamagotchi Uni” to reach players in over 200 countries.
  • Enhanced revenue: By offering a user-friendly payment solution, “Tamagotchi Uni” can boost its revenue and expand its player base.

This partnership marks a significant milestone for both Xsolla and Bandai Co., Ltd., showcasing the power of collaboration in the gaming industry. With a shared vision of providing exceptional gaming experiences, Xsolla and Bandai are set to elevate “Tamagotchi Uni” to new heights.


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