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Fortnite introduces the X-Men’s Master of Magnetism, Wastelander Magneto

Fortnite introduces the X-Men’s Master of Magnetism, Wastelander Magneto

Fortnite Battle Royale introduces the X-Men’s Master of Magnetism, Wastelander Magneto in the battle royale Wasteland.

The Fortnite Team has introduced the X-Men’s Master of Magnetism, Wastelander Magneto. Players can unlock the Wastelander Magneto Outfit and accessories by completing Magneto’s Wrecked Battle Pass Quests. Additionally, in Fortnite Battle Royale, players can find and use Magneto Gauntlets to wield omega-level power. Check out the detailed information below:

Magneto Gauntlets in Fortnite Battle Royale

Magneto Gauntlets allow players to manipulate inanimate objects, summoning metal shards to use as ammunition against foes or to create protective shields. These gauntlets can be found on the ground or in chests but are not available in prized tournaments. Magneto’s Quests challenge players to demonstrate their mastery of the gauntlets. Completing these quests unlocks various rewards:

Page 1 Quests:

  • Visit the Weapon X Lab: Unlocks the Knock, Knock, CLANG Loading Screen.
  • Collect Magneto Gauntlets: Unlocks Magneto’s Grasp Spray.
  • Travel 300 units in the air with Magneto Gauntlets equipped: Unlocks the Magnetized Scrap Pickaxe.
  • Hit 10 vehicles using Magneto Gauntlets: Unlocks a Wastelander Magneto Banner Icon.

Completing three Page 1 Quests unlocks the Wastelander Magneto Outfit and access to Page 2 Quests.

Page 2 Quests:

  • Eliminate 5 opponents with Magneto Gauntlets: Unlocks the Crushed GG Emoticon.
  • Block 200 hits using Magneto Gauntlets: Unlocks the Magnetic Steps Glider.
  • Do 2,000 damage to opponents from one story above or higher: Unlocks the Disassemble Emote.
  • Configure 3 Rift Beacons: Unlocks the Magnetism Master Wrap.

Completing three Page 2 Quests unlocks the Magneto Style of the Wastelander Magneto Outfit.

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Magneto Quests are available to those with the Wrecked Battle Pass, accessible under the “Quests” tab until August 16, 2024, at 2 AM ET. Purchase of the Battle Pass is required to complete the Magneto Quests.


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