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PUBG Mobile brings Jetpack, Personal AED, Magnet gun, and more

PUBG Mobile brings Jetpack, Personal AED, Magnet gun, and more

The 3.2 update of PUBG Mobile brings new themed mode along with new items. These items include Jetpack, Personal AED and Magnet gun.

PUBG Mobile 3.2 update is here with brand new content. With this update, PUBG Mobile brings new items – Jetpack, Personal AED, Magnet gun, and more. Check out the detailed information about each item below:

PUBG Mobile 3.2 Update introduces new content

Jetpack: Pick it up and equip it to increase movement speed. It possesses the ability to hover in the air for a short duration. It consumes Energy rapidly when lifting off. Energy will only be replenished when you reach the ground. The Jetpack has a Health bar that protects you from damage to your back and arms. It will be destroyed after taking a certain amount of damage. When reaching a certain speed while moving forward, it can switch to a speed form. You will perform a special action when you tap “Lift Off” as it switches to the speed form. The Jetpack comes with the “Magnetize” ability, but you will not be able to fly fast when using it.

Personal AED: If you have this item, you can tap self-rescue after being knocked down. Once successful, you will recover from the knocked down state. Each player can only carry one of these items. Self-rescuing will be interrupted if you move while using this item.

Magnet Gun: This is a downgraded version of the Levitron’s “Magnetize” ability in gun form. Switch to it by tapping on the firearm bar. It works the same as the Levitron’s “Magnetize”, but with reduced values.

Respawn Beacon: Throw the beacon on the ground to mark a location that the plane will pass over. Recalled teammates can parachute into the match again at the cost of a respawn chance. Teammates who have used up all their respawn chances cannot respawn.

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Quick Parachute: When parachuting, a quick parachute button will appear at a certain height in the air. Tap it to immediately deploy the parachute which can also be freely put away.

Repair Station: Approach the Repair Station in a mecha to replenish its health, fuel, and missiles.


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