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NEW State Mobile to bring new Jeta map with February update

NEW State Mobile to bring new Jeta map with February update

Image via Krafton
Krafton is set to push the February update to live servers of NEW STATE Mobile. The update will bring new Jeta Map to NEW STATE Mobile.

Krafton the publisher of NEW STATE Mobile is bringing the exciting new Jeta map. The new map has codenamed Station 2051. It will be coming with the February update. It’s been highly anticipated by players since its early teasers and leaks. Here’s what you need to know:

NEW STATE Mobile Jeta Map

The update is expected to land in the last week of February 2024, though an exact date hasn’t been confirmed yet. Keep an eye out on the official NEW STATE Mobile channels for announcements.

Jeta is a 4x4km map set in a futuristic urban environment with diverse locations like a massive central station, skyscrapers, industrial complexes, and residential areas. It promises unique gameplay opportunities with verticality, close-quarter combat, and open areas for strategic battles.

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  • Dynamic Events: Expect dynamic events like drone deliveries, train arrivals, and security patrols that shake up the gameplay.
  • New Vehicles: Cruise around in new vehicles like the Volta electric sports car and the futuristic Pillbug UTV.
  • Interactive Elements: Interact with elements like ziplines, security doors, and environmental hazards for tactical advantages.

The Jeta map has generated a lot of buzz among players with its innovative features and immersive setting. You can find numerous YouTube videos, articles, and discussions exploring the map and its potential.


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