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NEW STATE Mobile introduces 2 new Characters for NEW ERA

NEW STATE Mobile introduces 2 new Characters for NEW ERA

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Krafton introduces NEW STATE Mobile March update today. The update brings two new characters with unique skills for NEW ERA.

The March update for NEW STATE Mobile brings two exciting new characters to the ever-evolving battle royale experience. Let’s meet these unique fighters and explore their abilities:

NEW STATE Mobile: New Characters

Ben Brown: The Tactical Mastermind (GLC Faction)

A seasoned scout and special operations expert, Ben Brown brings a wealth of experience to the battlefield. He serves as a valuable asset to both MAYHEM and NEW STATE, even offering tactical training to other agents.

NEW STATE Mobile introduces 2 New Characters for NEW ERA

Ben Brown’s Skills:

GLC Faction Passive: Ben Brown boasts an infinite magazine, allowing him to unleash a constant stream of fire without reloading.

Deployment Kit (ALL): He starts each match with this handy tool, granting him complete customization over his weapon loadout.

Tracking Bullets: Every bullet fired by Ben Brown tracks the enemy’s location, revealing their position to his entire team for a brief period. This intel can be crucial for setting up ambushes or coordinating attacks.

Orbital Bombardment: Ben Brown’s active skill calls down a devastating airstrike onto any location within a 100-meter radius. Use this powerful attack strategically to disrupt enemy formations and gain a decisive advantage.

Chris: The Supportive Defender (New State Faction)

Chris, from the New State faction, possesses a surprising amount of strength and agility, honed through her background in extreme sports, particularly field hockey.

NEW STATE Mobile introduces 2 New Characters for NEW ERA

Chris’s Skills:

New State Faction Passive: Chris starts each match with a level 1 Plasma Shield for extra protection. Additionally, she has one extra redeployment chance, giving her a second shot at victory.

Enhanced Defense: Chris spawns with a level 2 helmet, offering increased resistance against ballistic threats. She also comes equipped with three deployable shields, perfect for creating cover on-demand.

Deployable Shield (Wide): This unique shield provides ample cover for Chris and her teammates during firefights.

Shield Regeneration: Chris’s active skill allows her to quickly regenerate the shields of nearby allies, making her a crucial asset for any team composition. By holding down the active skill button, you can see the effective range of this ability.

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With Ben Brown’s tactical prowess and Chris’s defensive capabilities, these new characters add exciting new layers of strategy to the battle royale experience in NEW STATE Mobile. So choose your fighter, hone your skills, and dominate the battlefield!


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