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Krafton delays the NEW STATE Mobile update once again, Check reason

Krafton delays the NEW STATE Mobile update once again, Check reason

Krafton the publisher of popular battle royale "NEW STATE Mobile" announces the delay of upcoming update once again.

NEW STATE Mobile players on iOS devices face further disappointment. The release of the new version compatible with the latest iOS update has been delayed once more. In an announcement today, the development team cited the need for a comprehensive overhaul. It will address technical issues and ensure a stable long-term experience.

This intensive development phase will temporarily halt the release of new Passes and content updates. However, a maintenance period scheduled for June 20th, 00:00 – 04:30 (UTC+0) will focus on updating the Survivor Pass and essential system optimizations.

The delay, while frustrating for eager fans, underscores the team’s commitment to delivering a seamless and enjoyable experience once the updated version is finally released. Players are encouraged to follow the provided instructions for updating the game after maintenance to avoid any potential issues.

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Despite the setback, the NEW STATE Mobile team remains dedicated to completing the overhaul as swiftly as possible. The hope is that this comprehensive approach will ultimately lead to a more robust and reliable version of the game, rewarding players for their continued patience.

Krafton the publisher of the game is working to fix the issue to provide the better gaming experience for players.


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