Neyoo Takes the Charge as the New IGL of Godlike Esports

Neyoo announces that he will be doing IGL for Godlike Esports in the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2023.

Neyoo Takes the Charge as the New IGL of Godlike Esports
image source: Neyoo

Suraj Majumdar aka Neyoo has recently announced on his stream that he is the new IGL of Godlike Esports as Spower wanted to focus on his fragging skills. Team Godlike Esports dominates Round 2 of BGIS 2023 under Neyoo’s leadership.

After the struggling performance in recent times, Godlike Esports continued to shuffle changes in their team as their original IGL “Shadow” was benched by the team and assaulted “Spowers” took the charge, but according to Neyoo’s recent YouTube live stream, he stated that Spower wanted to focus on assaulting and he (Neyoo) is now the new IGL of Team Godlike.

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Godlike Esports performed very fearlessly and aggressively under the leadership of Neyoo in Round 3 of BGIS 2023, where they secured a total of 133 points with a freaking 78 finishes. Godlike fans see this as a comeback for their team, as they used to play aggressively like this in the past. The team has been filled with some deadly assailants from Indian gaming communities, including Jonathan, Spower, Zgod, Neyoo, and Shadow.

Godlike Esports is qualified for Round 3 of the BGIS 2023, which is scheduled to start on September 14, where Godlike will meet with the toughest competitors of the tournaments, including Team Soul, Gladiators Esports, OR Esports, and more. Round 3 will be the toughest stage for Neyoo as IGL of Godlike, as only the top 4 teams from every group will go ahead in the competition. It is now interesting to see if Godlike manages to continue this momentum in Round 3.

Neyoo has currently done an outstanding job in BGIS 2023. Teams like Godlike would want to do well in BGIS 2023 because it is Krafton’s biggest tournament in India, with the finals taking place offline in Mumbai.

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