Former Pakistan captain Saeed Anwar sparks outrage with sexist comments against women

Former Pakistan captain Saeed Anwar sparks outrage with sexist comments against women

Saeed Anwar, who scored almost 13,000 runs for Pakistan, was heavily demeaned over his sexist remark against women

Former Pakistani cricket captain Saeed Anwar has ignited a firestorm on social media with controversial remarks against women and their role in the workforce. A video circulating online captures Anwar lamenting the rise in divorce rates, which he attributes to women gaining financial independence through work.

What did Saeed Anwar say against women?

In the clip, Anwar made several claims. He asserted that Pakistan’s divorce rate has surged by 30% in the past three years. He connected this rise directly to women entering the workforce. Anwar portrayed financial independence as a catalyst for rebellion within marriages, suggesting women use their earnings to defy traditional gender roles and assert their say.

Since women have started working in Pakistan, divorce rates have climbed by 30 per cent in the last three years,” Anwar said. “The wives say, ‘to hell with you, I can earn myself. I can run a household on my own’. This is a whole game plan. You will not understand this game plan unless you find guidance,” he added.

Unfortunately, Anwar doesn’t stop there. He extended his views beyond Pakistan, suggesting a global trend of families suffering due to women working.

Social media hammers Anwar on his statements

These comments have been met with widespread criticism. Social media users have condemned Anwar’s remarks as sexist and outdated.


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