Why did James Anderson decide to retire from Test cricket? Not Brendon McCullum but this is the reason

Why did James Anderson decide to retire from Test cricket? Not Brendon McCullum but this is the reason

Anderson will end his career as the second most-capped Test player in the history of cricket, behind another legend, Sachin Tendulkar.

Earlier today, one of the greatest ever players to grace the sport of cricket retired. James Anderson decided to bid adieu after playing Test cricket for 21 years. The career that spanned three decades saw him become the second most-capped player and get a bucketload of milestones to his name. 

The news actually came out yesterday, with reports claiming that James Anderson was forced into retirement by England Test head coach Brendon McCullum. Then, hours later, the all-time great officially announced that he’d indeed leave the sport after the England vs West Indies 1st Test at Lord’s from July 10-14.

But, did McCullum really tell Anderson to retire? As it turns out, the real reason behind the pacer’s leaving the sport isn’t McCullum or his age but rather his ‘selfless’ desire to give young pacers enough time to prepare for the upcoming Ashes 2025 in Australia.

Ashes, the reason behind James Anderson’s retirement

Talking on the BBC’s Tailenders podcast, Anderson said: “Baz came over from New Zealand; we have appraisals every six months. I feel like I have talked about it for ten years with every coach I have had, asking, ‘How long you going to play for?’

Looking ahead, could a 43-year-old me make the Ashes in 18 months time? I sort of came to the decision ‘probably not’. From my point of view, it feels like a stretch at this point in my career, and from their point of view, there are 15 or so Tests before the Ashes, so it gives them time to get other guys Tests and experience before that Ashes series. 

I feel good about it; I have had an amazing career. Stuff about retirement has been hanging around for years now, ever since I turned 30, and grown even more since I turned 40. I just feel really lucky that I have managed to get to this stage, still playing at this very high level,” he concluded.


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