BCCI issues strong statement regarding Ashwin and family

BCCI issues strong statement regarding Ashwin and family

While the public eye shines brightly on cricketers, it's crucial to remember that they, like everyone else, have personal lives and challenges.

Following Ravichandran Ashwin’s brief absence from the ongoing Test against England due to a family emergency, the BCCI has issued a strong statement emphasizing the importance of respecting player privacy. This echoes a similar request made by BCCI towards Virat Kohli who withdrew from the series citing personal reasons.

BCCI Statement:

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is pleased to announce the return of R Ashwin to the squad after a brief absence due to a family emergency. Ashwin had to temporarily withdraw from the squad after Day 2 of the 3rd Test in Rajkot to attend to a family emergency.

Both R Ashwin and the team management are pleased to confirm that he will be back in action on Day 4 and will continue to contribute towards the team’s cause in the ongoing Test match.

The team management, players, media and fans have shown immense understanding and empathy, acknowledging the importance of family as a priority. The team and its supporters have stood united in support of Ashwin during this challenging period, and the management is delighted to welcome him back to the field.

Ashwin and his family kindly request privacy as they navigate through these challenging times.

Ravichandran Ashwin returns, requests privacy:

After rejoining the team for Day 4, Ashwin and his family expressed their gratitude for the support received during this challenging time.

However, they also urged fans and media to respect their privacy as they navigate through this personal matter.

A Parallel with Virat Kohli stance:

This request mirrors the stance taken by Virat Kohli earlier, when he opted out of the first two Tests due to personal reasons.

The BCCI, in both instances, supported the players’ decisions and urged everyone to respect their privacy.

Respecting Personal Space:

While the public eye shines brightly on cricketers, it’s crucial to remember that they, like everyone else, have personal lives and challenges. Recognizing and respecting their right to privacy during such sensitive times is vital.

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Focus on the Game: BCCI

While understanding these situations is important, the focus should ultimately remain on the sporting spectacle unfolding on the field.

Both Ashwin and Virat Kohli have made significant contributions to Indian cricket, and their return will undoubtedly bolster the team’s performance.

Moving Forward:

As India strives for victory in the Test series, let’s remember that cricketers are individuals with personal lives deserving of respect. By offering understanding and support during difficult times, we can create a more positive and inclusive environment for the sport and its players.


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