Indian players who might play their last T20 World Cup

Indian players who might play their last T20 World Cup

The Indian players in the India T20 World Cup squad could be participating in their last T20 World Cup tournament in 2024.

The Indian cricket team has revealed its 15-member squad for the upcoming T20 World Cup, sparking lively debates among cricket fans. Before the announcement, people wondered if older players should stay in the team or if younger ones should get a chance instead.

Even though there was talk about whether older players should keep their spots or if younger ones should be given a chance, the experienced players still made it into the squad. But, it’s likely that this T20 World Cup could be the last time we see some of these veteran players in action. Let’s take a closer look at who these players might be, as they could be playing in their final T20 World Cup tournament.

Indian players who could play their last T20 World Cup

Virat Kohli35
Rohit Sharma 37
Ravindra Jadeja 35

Virat Kohli

The cricket star Virat Kohli has only played two T20I matches in 2024 and didn’t play any in 2023. Because he’s 35 now and not playing much, people think this might be his last T20I tournament. Instead, he might focus more on Test and ODI cricket, where he’s still very good. This way, he can make the most of his remaining years in cricket.

Rohit Sharma

At 37 years old, Indian cricket captain Rohit Sharma is nearing the twilight of his international career. With his age and the demands of top-level cricket in mind, it seems improbable that he will continue for another two years. Looking ahead to the next T20 World Cup, Sharma may prioritize grooming younger talent to take on leadership roles in the shorter format. Recognizing the vitality of youthful energy and dynamism in T20 cricket, he may opt to step back and facilitate the rise of the next generation within the team.

Ravindra Jadeja

At 35 years old, Ravindra Jadeja stands as a stalwart all-rounder who has significantly contributed to India’s success across all cricket formats. Yet, as India looks ahead to the future of T20 cricket, the team may seek fresh talent to fulfill the all-rounder role. Consequently, Jadeja’s tenure in the shortest format could potentially pave the way for promising young players to step into his shoes. While his legacy remains intact, the team’s strategic vision may prioritize rejuvenation, making room for emerging talents to shine in T20 cricket.


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