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India skipper reveals who is the ‘real’ captain in playful banter with wife

India skipper reveals who is the ‘real’ captain in playful banter with wife

Indian captain Rohit Sharma and Ritika got married on 13 December 2015

Indian cricket captain Rohit Sharma is renowned not only for his exceptional skills on the pitch but also for his magnetic personality and quick wit off it. Recently, during an appearance on The Great Indian Kapil Show alongside teammate Shreyas Iyer, Rohit showcased his humorous side once again, sharing amusing stories and engaging in delightful banter, including a heartwarming exchange with his wife, Ritika Sajdeh.

When asked if a cricketer ever asked him not to hit sixes because his girlfriend was present, Rohit responded with a charming anecdote involving Ritika, emphasizing her importance to him. He quipped, “While it’s your girlfriend present at the stadium, I have my wife watching the match. She sits with her fingers crossed during the whole match. So, she is more important for me.”

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Turning to Ritika, the host Kapil inquired whether it was more challenging to manage Rohit as a cricketer or as a husband. Ritika’s witty response stole the spotlight as she cheekily remarked that managing Rohit as a husband was the real challenge, contrasting it with the structured support system he has as a cricket captain. “As a husband. As a captain, he has his team to manage him. I don’t have to do anything,” she quipped.

India skipper Rohit Sharma reveals who is actually the 'real' captain on a show with Indian comedian Kapil Sharma

She is the captain: Rohit Sharma

In his playful retort, Rohit humorously declared Ritika the captain of their household, highlighting the difference between managing a cricket team and managing a marriage. “She can’t enter the field nor the dressing room but I have to enter the house. She is the captain there,” Rohit joked.

Beyond the humour, the banter between Rohit and Ritika reflects the strong bond and mutual support they share. Ritika’s steadfast support for Rohit, especially during the recent controversial decision to replace him as captain of the Mumbai-based IPL franchise, underscores the strength of their relationship both on and off the field.

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