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How Pat Cummins turned a career threatening injury into a million dollar IPL deal

How Pat Cummins turned a career threatening injury into a million dollar IPL deal

Cummins had attracted an AUD 3.6 million (20.5 crore) bid at the IPL 2024 auction.

Pat Cummins is enjoying the best season of his career. From winning the World Test Championship and the ODI World Cup to snagging a AUD 3.6 million (20.5 crore) deal at the IPL 2024 auction, the year can’t get any better.

However, what goes unnoticed is the struggles one has to endure to get to the stage that the Australian skipper has reached.

Having made his international debut in 2011, the pacer struggled with injuries that saw him play his next Test after 6 years. However, it wasn’t this 6-year period in Cummins’ life that threatened his career, but rather a childhood accident that could have stopped him from ever playing cricket.

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As mentioned earlier, Pat Cummins made his debut at age 18 in 2011. However, the current Australian skipper might have never donned the Australian baggy green if a childhood injury had gone south. A bowler by trade, Cummins’ fitness and skills are what have made him a great player.

His impeccable control and skills with the ball make him one of the greats of the game. However, none of this would have been if a finger injury he suffered when he was just 4 years old had gone awry.

Playing with his sister, little Pat had gotten his middle finger cut short after getting it stuck in the door. A few years ago, the pacer detailed that while he feels the short middle finger did not ever hinder him from bowling when he was young, it makes it harder to bowl an outswinger.

Years later, with multiple trophies and accolades to his name, it all could have been nothing if the pacer had lost his finger or, for worse, multiple fingers.


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