‘F**k Australia’: Ed Sheeran vows to support Rohit Sharma and co in possible India vs Australia WTC 2025 Final

‘F**k Australia’: Ed Sheeran vows to support Rohit Sharma and co in possible India vs Australia WTC 2025 Final

Ed Sheeran engaged in a fun banter regarding the WTC final 2025 when the host pointed out that there's a huge possibility that India will take on the Aussies in the WTC final.

With still a whole year for the World Test Championship final to go, excitement regarding the gala match-up is at its peak. Teams are fighting hard to finish with the top 2 of the WTC points table and earn a right to play the final at the iconic Lord’s ground. At the moment, India and Australia sit at the top of the WTC rankings. If the two teams indeed make it to the finals in 2025, don’t be surprised if you see British musician Ed Sheeran wearing an Indian jersey and cheering his lungs out for Rohit Sharma and co. It is what Sheeran promised to do in a chat with light-hearted chat with Rohit Sharma.

During the chat, host Gaurav Gupta made the ‘prophecy’ that India are going to face Australia in the WTC final in 2025. Ed Sheeran quickly pointed out that England could not be counted out just yet.

So if England doesn’t make it, if it’s India vs Australia in the WTC final, then you’re on Rohit’s guest list wearing an Indian jersey,” Gaurav quipped.

I don’t know if I’ll get away with that because I’ve got a lot of Australian friends,” Sheeran appeared skeptical.

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However, he soon came around, saying, “Since I know two cricketers from the Indian team now, having met Shubman Gill the other day, I probably would be supporting India.”

Gaurav joked that they will geo-block the show in Australia so that Sheeran’s friends doesn’t know he will be rooting for India.

To which, Sheeran replied, “F**k Australia.” Meanwhile, Rohit remained a silent spectator.


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