Controversy alert! PAK team allegedly hosts private dinner with $25 fee during T20 World Cup

Controversy alert! PAK team allegedly hosts private dinner with $25 fee during T20 World Cup

T20 World Cup: The paid dinner seems to have taken place on June 2 in New York, while Pakistan cricket team plays their first match on June 6.

Even before the start of their T20 World Cup 2024, Pakistan cricket team has been rocked by another controversy. And now, something really strange has come forward. It seems that the Pakistani team or the management organised a ‘meet and greet’ with the Pakistani players at a restaurant in New York, which had a fee of $25.

This has not been received well by former Pakistan skipper Rashid Latif, who has blasted the team and the management for stooping so low. In a show hosted by Kamran Muzaffer, he slammed this move.

The show, hosted by Kamran Muzaffer, also has Nauman Niaz, a Pakistani television personality, cricket correspondent, and author, who too is aghast by the event and slammed the Pakistan cricketers for being a part of such an event. Rashid Latif said, “There are official dinners, but this is a private dinner. Who can do this? It’s terrible. That means you met our players in 25 dollars. God forbid, had there been a mess, people would have said boys are earning money.”

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He added, “People tell me that whoever calls the Pakistan players, they just ask, ‘how much money will you give?’ This has become common. Things were different at our time, we had 2-3 dinners but they were official. But this is highlighted because it’s the World Cup. So the players should be careful. The amount of 25 dollars shouldn’t be blatantly used like this.

“You attend 2-3 dinners, but without the commercial angle. You can go for charity dinners and fundraisers, but this is neither fundraising nor a charity dinner. This is a private function with the name of Pakistan and Pakistan cricket associated with it. Don’t make this mistake.”


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