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COD Mobile Season 4 Weapon balances, buffs, and nerfs

COD Mobile Season 4 Weapon balances, buffs, and nerfs

Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 update is around the corner. Check out the weapon balances of COD Mobile Season 4 here.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 is set to go live on 18th April 2024 with new theme, mode, and features. The update will also bring balance changes in weapons. Check out the COD Mobile Season 4 buffs and nerfs below:

COD Mobile Season 4 Weapon Balances


  • TEC-9 – Damage multiplier increased, Range increased, Hip-fire accuracy increased (BR only)
  • MAC-10 – Range increased 
  • Swordfish – Damage multiplier increased 
  • CBR4 – ADS movement speed increased
  • Type 19 – ADS accuracy increased
  • S36 – Damage increased, damage multiplier increased
  • MSMC – Damage multiplier increased, Hip-fire accuracy increased 
  • PKM – Damage multiplier increased, ADS accuracy increased
  • EMP – Charge time significantly reduced 
  • Tempest – Charge time reduced 
  • VTOL – Score required reduced 
  • Guardian – HP increased 
  • Alert – Detection range increased 

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  • Grau 5.56 – ADS movement speed decreased
  • Man-O-War – Thermite ammo damage decreased
  • LW3-Tundra – Steady Aim countdown decreased 

Settings Adjustments – Below are some adjustments the team has made for general gameplay optimization.  

Fast climb: a new setting with auto/quick/default options for players to toggle between. Selecting auto will make it so players automatically climb over obstacles in front of them. Selecting quick will make it so players can climb over obstacles by pressing forward with their movement button. 

Animation blend: This setting will create a more cohesive experience on certain in-game animations of operators switching between actions.

ADS FOV Curve: Enabling this setting will change players field of view slightly on some weapons when ADS. 

Depth of Field Optimization: When this setting is enabled players will have enhanced blurring effects of the background when ADS or inspecting weapons.


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