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CoD Mobile brings Plagued Draw featuring CR56 AMAX skin and more

CoD Mobile brings Plagued Draw featuring CR56 AMAX skin and more

Image via Activision
Call of Duty Mobile also known as COD Mobile is set to bring Plagued Draw. Players can get CR 56 AMAX - Distemper weapon skin & more rewards.

The mobile gaming community is buzzing with anticipation for the upcoming Plagued Draw in Call of Duty Mobile (CoD Mobile). Leaks have revealed glimpses of new weapons, character skins, and other rewards shrouded in a dark and mysterious theme, leaving players eager to explore this exciting event.

COD Mobile Plagued Draw: Rewards

While Activision hasn’t officially confirmed the release date, leaks suggest the Plagued Draw will arrive in the coming weeks. Here’s a sneak peek at the potential rewards:

  • CR 56 AMAX – Distemper weapon skin
  • Witch Doctor – Doctor Heaven character skin
  • Doctor Raven calling card
  • Doctor’s Tools emote
  • III Temper parachute, tank, thermite, spray, shovel, and GKS weapon skins.

Cost per Spin:

  • 1st Spin: 10 CP
  • 2nd Spin: 30 CP
  • (Prices gradually increase up to)
  • 9th Spin: 1100 CP

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A Thrilling New Chapter:

The Plagued Draw promises to be another exciting chapter in the CoD Mobile saga. Its intriguing theme, exclusive rewards, and air of mystery have captured the imagination of players, who are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to delve into this dark and captivating world. Activision will share the release date and get ready to experience the thrilling world of the Plagued Draw!


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