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BGMI A8 Royale Pass Leaked Rewards: How to Join and Play

BGMI A8 Royale Pass Leaked Rewards: How to Join and Play

Battlegrounds Mobile India A7 Royale Pass end on 29th July 2024. Check out the leaked rewards of BGMI A8 Royale Pass below.

The A7 Royale Pass in Battlegrounds Mobile India concludes on July 29, 2024. It is paving the way for the start of the BGMI A8 Royale Pass on the next day, featuring an Aqua theme. This update brings a plethora of exciting rewards, including upgradable vehicle and gun skins. Check out the BGMI A8 Royale Pass leaked rewards below:

For the first time, the Bonus RP will feature an upgradable vehicle skin. To obtain this, you must purchase the Bonus RP. The vehicle skin, named “Sea Wrath Monster Truck,” can be upgraded to level 3. At level 2, it gains an elimination broadcast feature, and at level 3, it transforms into a formidable shark-like appearance. Additionally, the Bonus RP includes an upgradable M24 sniper rifle skin called “Industry Edge M24.” This skin can be upgraded to level 5, providing an on-hit effect.

BGMI A8 Royale Pass Leaked rewards

  • Level 1: Receive the “Sea Critter Set” outfit.
  • Level 10: Unlock the “Seadream Melody Stingray” skin, a limited-time vehicle skin similar to the previous flying carpet update.
  • Level 15: Obtain a free emote called “Farcical Arts,” which features martial arts salutations followed by a humorous dance, and the “Frigid Aqua Plane Finish” airplane skin.
  • Level 20: Gain the “Moody Clownfish Helmet” skin, notable at level 3.
  • Level 25: Get the “Dazzling Sea Parachute” skin with sea textures.
  • Level 30: Earn the “Wave Whisperer” mythic emote, part of a mythic set available at level 40, and the “Nautical Quest AUG” skin.
  • Level 40: Unlock the “Wave Whisperer Cover” mythic set, a female outfit resembling a Sea Aladdin.
  • Level 50: Acquire the upgradable “Seadream Melody” SLR gun skin, which can be upgraded to level 3.
  • Level 55: Obtain the “Bashful Cheer” free emote and the “Sea Critter UZI” legendary gun skin.
  • Level 60: Receive the “Octosurprise Backpack” with an octopus theme.
  • Level 65: Get an avatar for your display picture.
  • Levels 70 and 75: Unlock the “Fluorescent Raider Set and Headgear,” and at level 70, also receive the “Beach Buddy” S1897 gun skin.
  • Level 75: Gain the “Violet Venture Jet Ski” boat skin.
  • Level 80: Obtain the “Industry Precision” M16A4 skin and a mythic emote for the set available at 100 RP.
  • Level 90: Unlock the “Submersible DBS” skin.
  • Level 100: Get the “Seadream Melody Set” 100 RP set, which can be re-colored.

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In the RP redeem section, players can purchase the upgradable “Crabby Mischief Grenade” skin and the “Frigid Gale Wingman” helicopter skin. This new Royale Pass promises a variety of exciting items and rewards, making it an exhilarating experience for BGMI players.


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