BGMI 3.3 Update Leaks reveal upcoming features and themed mode

BGMI 3.3 Update Leaks reveal upcoming features and themed mode

Battlegrounds Mobile India 3.3 update is coming very soon. Check out the BGMI 3.3 Update Leaks about the upcoming features.

Get ready to explore underwater battles and uncover new features with the upcoming 3.3 update. BGMI 3.3 Update Leaks reveal an exciting array of additions, promising to revolutionize the gameplay experience. Check out the detailed information below:

BGMI 3.3 Update Leaks reveal Atlantis Mode

Prepare to plunge into the depths of the ocean as the new Atlantis Mode takes you on an underwater adventure. Engage in thrilling battles with unique mechanics and interactions specifically designed for underwater combat.

Ocean Palace POI:

Discover the mysterious Ocean Palace, a brand-new Point of Interest brimming with action and loot. Explore its hidden corners and fight for dominance in this unique location.

Flying StingRay: Take to the skies with the all-new Flying StingRay! Find these randomly spawned flying creatures as ground loot and soar above the battlefield for a tactical advantage.

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New Weapon: Trident – Unleash chaos with the powerful Trident weapon, found at specific Points of Interest. Use its tornado-creating abilities to lift and throw enemies, or wield it for direct eliminations.

Remember, these BGMI 3.3 update leaks are based on the above video by popular data miner. Some features may be modified or removed in the official release.


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