UFC 295: How Much Money did Alex Pereira Earned by Defeating Jiri Prochazka?

UFC 295: How Much Money did Alex Pereira Earned by Defeating Jiri Prochazka?

At UFC 295, Pereira defeated Via Ko Prochazka by submission, how much money did Alex Pereira make defeating Jiri Prochazka?

Alex Pereira earned a significant amount of money by defeating Jiri Prochazka in the second round via KO with elbows. The former UFC middleweight titleholder faced the former light heavyweight champion in the main event at Madison Square Garden for the vacant UFC light heavyweight belt. Let’s find out the amount of money Alex Pereira’s earnings for this victory.


UFC 295: Alex Pereira Defeated Jiri Prochazka

Alex Pereira emerges victorious over Jiri Prochazka with a second-round knockout (elbows), claiming the Light Heavyweight title in a highly anticipated and thrilling event. How much did Pereira earn for securing the victory against Prochazka?

Pereira’s base salary stands at $400,000. Factoring in pay-per-view earnings, a substantial contributor to a fighter’s income, Pereira has the potential to accumulate a notable total of $900,000. Additionally, there’s the possibility of earning further bonuses for the night.

Examining Prochazka’s earnings, his base salary for this fight is $300,000. Prochazka’s anticipated overall earnings for the UFC 295 event are estimated to reach approximately $700,000. Despite the defeat, Prochazka secured a substantial payout.

UFC 295 proved to be an exhilarating spectacle with Pereira claiming victory in the title bout against Prochazka. With high stakes involved, Pereira showcased his prowess in the light heavyweight division, securing a dual-champion status in both middleweight and light heavyweight. As UFC unveils its new light heavyweight champion, anticipation builds for what lies ahead in Pereira’s future.

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