MMA Fans React to Max Holloway Knocking Out Korean Zombie In UFC Singapore

MMA Fans React to Max Holloway Knocking Out Korean Zombie In UFC Singapore

MMA Fans React to Max Holloway Knocking Out Korean Zombie In UFC Singapore
MMA enthusiasts were left in astonishment when Max Holloway delivered a knockout blow to the Korean Zombie during UFC Singapore's third round, using his immense right-hand power.

In an electrifying display, Max Holloway sent an unequivocal message tonight – his unyielding ambition to clinch the champion’s crown and seize ultimate victory. His seismic right-hand strike dismantled Alexander Volkanovski, underscoring his championship aspirations. Holloway who artfully commandeered the limelight, employing his right-hand knockout prowess to seize triumph. The vibrant Singapore audience erupted in a resounding 100dB roar.

The fervor wasn’t limited to the arena; fans across the globe joined the frenzy, flocking to the internet to immortalize this electrifying spectacle. Holloway’s grand statement echoes far beyond the octagon, etching his legacy in the annals of the sport’s history.

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MMA Fans Went Wild As Max Holloway Put Korean Zombie To Sleep

From the instant the announcement reverberated, the intensity of the showdown was palpable. Both contenders flaunted their prowess, evoking awe and gratitude from the crowd. In the inaugural round, the Korean Zombie unleashed a barrage of blows, exuding fierce aggression. While Zombie may have dominated the first round, Holloway upheld his reputation for relentless power.

The following round saw Holloway’s dominance peak, as he came close to sealing Zombie’s fate with a knockout and submission, but showcasing the Korean’s remarkable tenacity Sung Jung fought hard. Yet, within a mere 21 seconds of the third round, Holloway dealt a decisive blow that left the Zombie unconscious on the mat.


In a resounding victory, Holloway clinched a substantial payday of almost $600,000 by conquering Chan Sung Jung and clinching a performance bonus. While bidding adieu in his final fight, the Korean Zombie earned UFC Singapore’s admiration for his relentless determination. Yet, it’s Holloway’s triumph that will etch this bout indelibly in memory.

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