Logan Paul Ups the Ante to “$2 Million” in Bet Against Conor McGregor to Defeat Dillon Danis

Logan Paul Ups the Ante to “$2 Million” in Bet Against Conor McGregor to Defeat Dillon Danis

Logan Paul Ups the Ante to “$2 Million” in Bet Against Conor McGregor to Defeat Dillon Danis
With Logan Paul doubling the wager, the intrigue lies in whether McGregor, who's training Danis, will accept. Paul doubts McGregor's authenticity, stating real confidence leads to acceptance. Logan issues a challenge for McGregor to back up his talk with action.

Conor McGregor: The forthcoming boxing match on October 14th between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis has caught the attention of boxing fans. Online discussions indicate a potentially large viewership. Internet fans are divided, with some predicting Danis will back up his trash talk, while others believe Paul will dominate. Meanwhile, Conor McGregor, a training partner and friend of Danis, is confident in him. Consequently, in response, Paul has offered to double his $1 million bet with McGregor, who promised to coach Danis. Let’s see more details in this article.

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Logan Paul doubles the bet to $ 2 million against Conor McGregor to beat Dillon Danis

It seems that stand-up comedian Andrew Schulz, known for his “Flagrant” podcast filled with open talks, has transformed the show into a central hub for combat sports chats. Having prominent figures like Max Holloway and Israel Adesanya as guests underscores Schulz and his crew’s combat sports fervor. As the hype grows for Paul vs. Danis, a recent “Flagrant” episode showcased Logan Paul, intensifying the anticipation.

Recently, Logan Paul talking on the Flagrant Podcast offered Conor McGregor, who happens to be both a close friend and training partner of Dillon Danis, an initial $1 million wager. Showing his assurance in victory on fight night, Logan urged McGregor to contemplate the bet, challenging him to back up his confidence. And now he has taken the bet up to $2Million and urged him publicly to accept the bet.

He stated, ““Conor, you know what? I’ll tell you what Mr. Moneybags, I’m going to make this more interesting for you, how about we double it? We make it $2m – $2m says I beat your boy Dillon Danis. I know you’re going to see this clip, You’re coaching him, guiding him, he’s definitely going to show up?.

He added, “F*** you, both of you are all bark, no bite. $2m says I beat your boy and I’ll send you the contract tomorrow. But I guarantee you he’s not going to respond. All bark, no bite, both of them!

With Logan Paul doubling the bet, the question arises: will McGregor accept, considering his confidence and role in training Danis? However, Logan believes McGregor won’t agree, asserting that mere talk lacks true confidence. Logan challenges McGregor to prove his conviction by accepting the bet.

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