Tuesday, January 25, 2022

IPL 2022 Retention LIVE Updates: Unhappy PBKS, SRH complain to BCCI, ‘Lucknow franchise poaching KL Rahul & Rashid Khan’: Follow LIVE Updates

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IPL 2022 Retention Updates – PBKS & SRH complain, Lucknow franchise poaching KL Rahul & Rashid Khan? As the 8 old IPL franchises are busy in finalizing their players retention list for IPL 2022, the new team i.e RPSG Group-backed Lucknow franchise is being accused of players’ poaching. InsideSport has learnt, that both Punjab Kings (PBKS) and Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) have complained to the BCCI for ‘pursuing & poaching’ KL Rahul and Rashid Khan to leave their franchises. The Indian board is now looking into the complaints – Follow IPL 2022 LIVE Updates on InsideSport.IN

“We haven’t received any letter but we have received a verbal complaint from two franchises about players poaching by Lucknow team. We are looking into it, and we will take appropriate action if it proves to be true. We don’t want to disturb the balance. You cannot avoid such things when there is fierce competition. But it’s not fair to the existing teams when they are trying to balance everything,” a senior BCCI official told InsideSport.

“We wanted to retain KL Rahul but he wanted to go but if he has been approached by another franchise before that then it’s unethical – I hope it hadn’t happened as it’s against BCCI guidelines”, Punjab Kings owner was quoted by PTI

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IPL 2022: Unhappy PBKS, SRH complaint to BCCI over KL Rahul and Rashid Khan’s poaching by Lucknow franchise, BCCI says ‘Looking into it’

IPL 2022 Retention Updates: It has been clear that KL Rahul will leave Punjab Kings ahead of the IPL 2022 mega auction. While many reports claimed that he was not happy with the team’s performance and that is why he wanted to leave, InsideSport can now confirm that it was a different reason altogether.

It was the RPSG-backed new Lucknow based franchise that has successfully managed to persuade Rahul to leave for a better offer — in sporting terms called poaching.

Besides Rahul, the Lucknow franchise has also tried to persuade Sunrisers Hyderabad’s Rashid Khan.

KL Rahul carves the ball away, Delhi Capitals vs Punjab Kings, IPL 2021, Mumbai, April 18, 2021

IPL 2022: Why did PBKS & SRH complain to BCCI?

  • The Lucknow-based new franchise wanted to pick KL Rahul and Rashid Khan from the draft ahead of the auction.
  • The new entrant reportedly tried to persuade KL Rahul and Rashid Khan to leave their franchises.
  • KL Rahul informs PBKS that he wants to leave.
  • Rashid Khan informed SRH that he wants to be on the retention list only if he is paid Rs 14-16 Crore, the highest slab.
  • As per IPL and BCCI guidelines, players are not allowed to talk to other franchises apart from the trading window as they remain under contract till Nov 30.
  • Learning the behind-the-scenes persuasion method, PBKS and SRH complain to BCCI.
  • BCCI is currently looking into the matter as there has been no formal complaint.
  • If proven guilty, the players can be suspended like Ravindra Jadeja was in 2010.

IPL 2022: Unhappy PBKS, SRH complaint to BCCI over KL Rahul and Rashid Khan’s poaching by Lucknow franchise, BCCI says ‘Looking into it’

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In European football, player poaching is a routine issue and the UEFA and FIFA receive complaints from all top clubs. In recent times, Atletico Madrid complained against Barcelona for pursuing Antoine Griezmann while Barcelona complained against PSG for pursuing Neymar Jr in 2017. Back in the Indian Premier League, it is happening once again.

Ravindra Jadeja was suspended for the same issue: In 2010, BCCI suspended Ravindra Jadeja for talking to other franchises while still under contract with Rajasthan Royals.

The same is repeating once again. The RPSG-backed new Lucknow franchise reportedly offered in excess of Rs 20 Crore to KL Rahul to leave Punjab Kings. They also extended Rs 16 Crore offer to Rashid Khan of Hyderabad. SRH wanted to retain the Afghan spinner but didn’t want to pay more than Rs 12 Crore.

Rashid Khan currently gets Rs 9 crore while Rahul gets Rs 11 crore.

Rashid Khan struck twice in an over, Chennai Super Kings vs Sunrisers Hyderabad, IPL 2021, Delhi, April 28, 2021

“Poaching of players is not right in football and the same goes for cricket. I understand the new teams will be eager to get the best players but offering insane sums only contributes to disrespecting the existing teams. KL Rahul has been a valuable player and manipulating him to leave the team is not right,” a franchise official told InsideSport.

IPL 2022: Unhappy PBKS, SRH complaint to BCCI over KL Rahul and Rashid Khan’s poaching by Lucknow franchise, BCCI says ‘Looking into it’

IPL 2022 Retention Updates: Down South, the sentiment is the same. SRH wanted to retain Rashid Khan for Rs 12 crore but the Afghan spinner wants the highest category of Rs 14 crore, which the franchise is not willing to pay  They consider Kane Williamson worthy of such pay as he will be leading the side in the next edition.

With less than 48 hours left to declare the retention list, the two franchises are clearly unhappy. But it is not just PBKS or SRH, other franchises have also raised concerns over the issue.

“See, it’s obviously unfair. Till November 30, the players are under our contract and we have the right to negotiate and no one else as per BCCI guidelines. Hence, it is illegal as per the IPL charter. But it is not just about the new franchises. In the past as well, many of our players were approached during the break or before an auction but this time with three first picks, it makes the job difficult for us. We can only hope that BCCI will make stricter guidelines and penalties in such instances for not just the player but also the franchise,” said another franchise official who did not wish to be named.

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