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Free Fire OB44 Update: New features, changes, modes, and more

Free Fire OB44 Update: New features, changes, modes, and more

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Garena releases the OB44 Update globally for FF players. Check out the upcoming features, modes, and more about Free Fire OB44 Update.

Get ready to unleash your inner hero in the massive Free Fire OB44 update. The update is now available on Google Play Store and App store. Here’s a look at the exciting new features and modes:

Free Fire OB44 Update: Zombie Hunt Returns

The fan-favorite Zombie Hunt mode is back with a brand new map and stages to conquer. Plus, new rotating events keep the challenge fresh:

  • Rift Raiders: Team up in 4v4 battles, summoning and defeating bosses while sabotaging the enemy team’s progress.
  • Hunting Spree: Rack up points by taking down bosses within a time limit. Earn more points for faster takedowns!
  • Double Evil: Face off against two bosses at once. Test your teamwork and coordination to emerge victorious.

Battle Royale Gets Villainous!

Prepare to defend Bermuda from invading villains in the new Villain Conquest mode! These powerful enemies offer valuable rewards when defeated. Villains randomly appear at marked locations on the BR-Ranked Bermuda map. Summon a villain by interacting with a summoning circle. Defeat them to earn loot and Mechadrake Points. Collect 3 Mechadrake Points to challenge the mighty Mechadrake dragon.

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Clash Squad Gets Dragonic!

The Mechadrake brings its power to Clash Squad too! Defeat this aerial menace to claim the Dragon Airdrop, filled with potent new items:

  • Dragon Freeze: An upgraded Flash Freeze grenade that detonates three times on impact.
  • EMP Grenade: Disrupts enemy mini-maps and item usage.
  • Dragon Sprinters: Grants temporary air sprinting during double jumps.
  • Companion Dragon: Hinders enemy movement or attack speed.

Free Fire OB44 Update: A new character Kairos

Get ready to meet Kairos, a skilled Special Ops soldier with mysterious powers. Look for him in the upcoming Paradox event! The update also brings Hangar in Clash Squad with balance adjustment for improved gameplay. Find FFWS-themed graffiti scattered across various maps.


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