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Free Fire Max OB44: Top 5 Characters to Dominate After the Update

Free Fire Max OB44: Top 5 Characters to Dominate After the Update

Garena recently introduced the Free Fire MAX OB44 Update. Check out the top 5 characters to play after the update.

The new OB44 update in Garena Free Fire Max has shaken things up! Players are scrambling to adapt their strategies, and character selection is more important than ever. Here are the top 5 characters after Free Fire MAX OB44 Update to consider mastering after the update:

Free Fire Max OB44: Top 5 Characters

1. Kelly: The Speedy Assassin – For aggressive players, Kelly’s a dream come true. Her 6% sprint speed boost lets you zip across the battlefield, flanking enemies and dodging attacks with unmatched agility.

2. Luqueta: The Comeback King – Luqueta thrives in both Battle Royale and Clash Squad. His ability grants a significant health boost (200 HP to 250 HP) after securing two kills. This second wind can turn the tide of battle and make Luqueta a tenacious opponent.

3. Andrew: The Ironclad Warrior – Andrew’s skill bolsters your helmet and vest, significantly reducing incoming damage. This translates to longer fights and a higher chance of victory as you take less punishment.

4. Misha: The Speedy and Resilient – Misha reigns supreme in ranked Battle Royale. Her skills offer a double threat: a 10% speed boost lets you maneuver quickly, while a 20% damage reduction keeps you in the fight longer. She’s perfect for aggressive climbers aiming to dominate the leaderboards.

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5. Wolfrahh: The Versatile Sharpshooter – Wolfrahh strikes a perfect balance between offense and defense. He shrugs off 10% of headshot damage while dishing out 10% extra punishment with his own headshots. This makes him a adaptable fighter, excelling in both attack and defense.

Remember, mastering a character’s unique abilities is key to success in the new Free Fire Max landscape. Choose your fighter wisely, hone your skills, and become a legend on the battlefield!


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